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In Topic: Removing scratches from a dome port

09 August 2011 - 11:49 PM

Hey Guys,
was just reading up about this topic because the same thing happened to me except it was my boss's camera dome and i had about half an hour to fix it before a dive and not a clue how to fix it, nothing quite like the power of google and it turns out that whitening tooth paste actually removes scratches! it was one particular scratch that was coming up in the middle of the frame in good sunlight when i was finished after a good 10 minutes of polishing and buffing with soft cotton rags (gently at first to see the effect, but quite a bit of elbow grease when i was confident that it wasn't making more damage) 100% success.
the great thing is even if your on a dive boat somewhere your quite possibly have some toothpaste lying around so your trip isn't cut short because you left your professional dome cleaning kit back at base camp.

note: i don't know if normal toothpaste is as effective but for sure the whitening toothpaste left the dome in mint condition.

Sir H Crrap