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Light and motion SR11 package

30 December 2011 - 02:23 AM

L&M bluefin pro housing plus Sony SR11 camera. Access to the manual white balance, focus and zoom, monitor back + 65 degree lens, + long life battery for camcorder, NiMH batteries for the housing, light mounting kit. Just been serviced. Sony HD-WA lens for land, Neutral Density filter, graduated Neutral Density filter + linear polarising filter + filter holders. 1800

Fathom 90 degree wide angle lens. 900

Or 2500 for the package

The photo show's it with lights, shotgun mic, tripod and editing software but I want to keep those now (though may throw in the editing software for free if you smile when making offers)


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FS: light and motion SR11 package

20 August 2011 - 03:19 AM

Hi all

Sorry to jump in with a first post straight about selling but have only just found this forum :-(

I am selling all my video gear listed below:

Light and motion bluefin HD pro housing for Sony SR11 camcorder: Full access to all manual controls, including manual white balance, exposure and focus along with a host of other features.
Sony SR11 camera which shoots full HD and has manual control over white balance, exposure and focus.
Fathom 90 degree wide angle lens with full zoom through macro feature
Original 60 degree ( i think) light and motion lens
Home designed (professionally built by CNC engineers) 6000 lumen LED light kit, three heads of 2000 lumens each with no hotspots and a 120 degree angle of beam-ish. Currently been to 50 meters deep with no issues, cable glands rated to 90 meters.
Adobe production premium CS4 which has all the programs required to edit video, compress, colour and do sound along with photoshop.
Sony Wide angle lens for camera on land, shotgun mic, neutral density filter, grad ND filter, linear polarising filter, tripod with semi fluid head.

The kit is in great condition and has just had a home service about 4 months ago and shoots great video, whether in HD or SD. I am selling due to having no time to film any more and am just going to focus on my diving and maybe upgrade to a rebreather :-) so would consider a swap for one if there is one going spare...

Bought new the whole kit would set you back 8000 (more if you bought 6000 lumens of light from a company) so I am looking for offers around 50% of that as a starting point though if anyone wants to offer more feel free :-) I might consider splitting though would prefer to sell as a whole if possible.