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In Topic: Cancel E-PL1 order for E-PM1?? Pros/cons??

18 July 2013 - 12:55 AM

I'm also a e-pm1 new user.

played for few days with Sea&Sea YS110 ( pre alpha ...very old) .and pt-ep06 Olympus housing.

To find a way to safe camera battery  i tried the different combination between fill and 1/64 flash on the camera

here's my result:


E-pm1 Setting              YS-110 setting              result


E-pm1 Flash 1/64         mode manual 1          No good

E-pm1 Flash 1/64         mode manual 2          OK ---- >  fast recharge less 1sec. Best setting for battery saving and fast shooting

E-pm1 Flash 1/64         mode TTL                    no good


E-pm1 Flash Fill         mode manual 1        OK ----> Slow recharge more than 3sec. Reliable

E-pm1 Flash Fill         mode manual 2         no good

E-pm1 Flash Fill         mode TTL                  OK -----> got green light on Ys110 strobe ( TTL) but unpredictable results: some time under exposed some time over exposed....



i'm still working to find a good setup...but i think i will stick to manual....and coming from Nikonos V i'm used to manual modes...


hope helps.



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