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In Topic: What shade of red lens is needed for shallow diving?

26 September 2011 - 10:39 AM

Here's with and without the red filter, as well as my version having the glass stay inside the filter ring instead of stacking the ring on top of the glass.

In Topic: What shade of red lens is needed for shallow diving?

26 September 2011 - 10:29 AM

Yes,good job, that's better, not only because of the filter but because you are much closer to the subject.
It's worth remembering that water absorbs red light not only in its path from the surface to your shooting depth but also between your lens and the subject - It's a double whammy.

I still think the 85 (same as 85A) or the slightly milder 85B would be closer to what you need but it has to be said that your FLB is close enough to need only minor correction of the magenta channel. Without a local underwater light source you are always going to need some correction anyway.

Thanks, the main reason why I went with the FLB instead of the 85 is because I was able to find the FLB for cheap on Amazon. Also, I do have to get closer to my subjects because the GoPro's wide angle lens makes everything seem so far away. I'm going to post some pics of what the setup looks like in case anyone else wants to do this with a GoPro.

In Topic: What shade of red lens is needed for shallow diving?

25 September 2011 - 08:07 PM

In case anyone else reads this and wants to know which filter they might need, the FL-D did nothing. I returned it and bought a Tiffen FLB filter on Amazon for $12 to use with my GoPro, which is an action sports camera. Here's an unmodified picture taken with my flat lens setup and FLB filter at about 20 feet deep in South Florida's Atlantic coast.

In Topic: What shade of red lens is needed for shallow diving?

11 September 2011 - 12:02 PM

OK, I understand. Where are you diving in the Atlantic, just out of curiosity. I dive off the North Carolina coast and the viz is not as good as yours in the photos.


I'm snorkeling off Fort Lauderdale, FL and the 2 stock pics show a day of good visibility and sunlight. I just ordered an FL-D filter after reading that an FL-B would be better for deeper depths of 30-60 feet and that an FL-D would be better for shallower water and greener water. The filter looks like it's more magenta/light pink in the picture instead of the more red color I see most filters are. The hard part is that the video I originally added to my first post doesn't say what depth they're at so I don't know if a really dark red filter would help me or not. My filter was only $6 so if it doesn't work I guess I could revisit and try a shade more red. I was reading threads from back in 2003 on this site and there were these 2 guys (Craig and Alex) and they were talking all about filters but I couldn't get a definite confidence of understanding when I was done reading it because I'm not sure how shallow they meant when they say shallow. Shallow for a tank diver might be 50-60 feet? All I know is for my snorkeling I go down about 30 feet max to snap a pic or video of a fish. They were talking about FL-D was better for shallow than FL-B, which are stronger. Then they were talking about CCxR filters and saying how the number in-between (10,20,30,40) would do better and whatever depth they are rated for and I couldn't find out which one would be good for my needs. They also mentioned something about the CCxM (magenta) were better for shallower water so I'm hoping since my FL-D filter looks magenta that it'll work and they also mentioned FL-Ds are like magentas but warmer. Do you have any thoughts on what will most likely turn out? It'll be here in 2 days and I'll test it as soon as possible and update the thread but until then I would like to hear people's opinions on what I should expect because I'm sure people know whether my filter choice is 'ok', 'good', or 'horrible' :) . Thanks for the help, Bob.

In Topic: What shade of red lens is needed for shallow diving?

11 September 2011 - 09:21 AM

Contact Reef Photo or Ocean Optical Sales. What you are looking for is a product called "Magic Filter". Do a search on this forum, tons of info on this product.


Thanks Bob. I read about magic filters and I have a GoPro so the housing lens cover is curved so a gel filter won't work. Also, I'm looking to spend under $10 and the magic's I found were $60+ I think. I really just want to know what shade of red is used for 30 feet of diving in grenish/blue water because I can go with different manufacturers and find the best price and fit for my camera.