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What shade of red lens is needed for shallow diving?

10 September 2011 - 08:45 PM

Hi, I recently got into snorkeling where I live in South Florida. I use a GoPro HD camera with a home made flat lens (58mm glass camera filter) to correct the blurriness of the curved lens. I like the quality and I can mess with the colors on my computer after the fact but I read about red lenses helping underwater pictures and videos. I tried google searching to find out what shade of red is needed (if there's a color code or specific name etc) but I kept finding posts about Magic Filters and UR/PRO and while I'm sure those would be nice, they are expensive. The whole reason why I did the DIY housing mod is because I got better results out of my $8 setup than the $80 'eye of mine' or any other flat lens housing. I'd really like to find a red lens that isn't more than $15 so my videos would look better because I don't think I can add red to them to enhance the color. I'm snorkeling in depths of about 15 feet to 30 feet and I can tell a big difference between the stock photo and when I've added red. I'll attach an edited pic from today to show. The water is the Atlantic so it's kind of green and blue. I did find a filter called a cc30r and I saw online that people used it underwater so that's what I was looking at but I'm having a hard time finding one in 58mm that isn't very expensive. I plan on taking the glass out of the filter and laying it on top of my UV filter and then securing them with the retainer ring. Sorry for the long winded write up, but basically I want to know if I really need a specific color red or if any red filter (described as for 'black and white' film)on amazon.com would work. Here's a youtube video of a gopro with a flat red lens (sorry it's like an ad for the product) which gives the video color I'm looking for:

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks