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My first UW shots

28 April 2012 - 08:21 AM

I have been an amateur above-water photographer all my life, and finally took the plunge, so to speak, on a sailing trip to the BVIs. I had a Canon S90 and bought an Ikelite housing for it. I decided to go simple at first and shot available light while free-diving. Here are my two favorites: an octopus was nice enough to pose for me.

Posted Image
BVI sailing 2011_1343_octopus1 by blues_sailor53, on Flickr

Posted Image
BVI sailing 2011_1344_octopus2 by blues_sailor53, on Flickr

Canon Powershot S90, Ikelite housing, 28mm, no wet lens. Image shot while free diving in the BVIs, 15 ft depth, available light, 1/160, F4.0, ISO 200. Shot in RAW, post processed in ACR.

WTB S90 housing + fisheye combination

09 October 2011 - 12:42 PM

Wanted: An S90 housing and the corresponding fisheye lens combination. Either Fix, Ikelite or WPC DC35.

S90, WPC DC35 wet lens options

09 October 2011 - 12:37 PM

I have a Canon S90 and would like to get into underwater photography, mostly while snorkeling. My current thought is to get a DC35 housing ($175) and the Inon 28AD mount base ($89). This is still less than the Ikelite housing and I can get Inon AD lenses. Now, the most popular WA/Fisheye lens seems to be the Inon UWL 165AD ($459), but the recommended lens for the 28AD mount is the Inon UWL-100 28AD ($399). But this lens is only wide angle, and you would need the dome adaptor ($420) to make this a fisheye equivalent to the 165 AD lens. So, the UWL 165 AD is a much more econimical option. I have read a few posts that the UWL 165 AD will work with the S90-DC35-28AD adaptor combination and that all you need to do is to back off on the zoom to 35mm. Can anyone confirm this?

Another way of asking this, is what is the most economical fisheye/WA wet lens for the Canon S90 using either the Ikelite or Canon DC35 housing?