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Too Much Light?

14 February 2012 - 06:13 AM

I often film in very clear and shallow water (1 foot) with lots of light reflecting off the bottom and off fish. When I do I always get terrible results, everything comes out soft, a touch blurry and a bit washed out. My other footage looks fine, just the really shallow water shots are terrible.

I'm using a Sony cx550 with everything set on "auto", but have access to some manual functions. The cx550 takes awesome video, but the shallow water shots look about the same as my old vivitar u/w flip camera footage.

I'm a beginner and wonder if camera settings can help reduce the problem? Has anyone else had similar problems or know a solution? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Sony spk vs high end housings

02 October 2011 - 09:08 AM

Hi all,

I've been using a Sony cx550 w/ the Sony sports pack housing to observe and document freshwater fish at snorkeling depths. My footage is amateurish, but I've had enough fun and gotten enough attention that I'm becoming serious about improving the quality of my vids.

My question is.... Whats difference in footage quality between my $150 sony SPK and an up to $2500+ Aquatica, Gates, Amphibico, Light and Motion etc., housing?
I know there must be a big difference, I just don't know what it is. As I only snorkel, depth ratings of beyond a few feet aren't necessary and I usually use natural light.

I guess what I'm asking is will spending $2000 on a housing upgrade make a noticeable difference in video quality or would the money be better spent elsewhere?

I look forward to hearing the thoughts of the group.