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Sharks at Aliwal

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In Topic: Lembeh or Bunaken or both?

25 October 2011 - 11:43 PM


I have done the trip twice now and stayed at a few different places. On the last trip we spent a total of 14 days diving between the two areas.

If you are looking at mainly photographers I would spend more time in Lembah than Bunaken. We did stay at KBR and they were great. Yes it is more expensive but the diving on the house reef was amazing. You could spend days only there. Great things (2 sets of Pygmy Seahorses within 3 m of each other one set red other yellow and fat!). If you want to spend less I have had many friends that have used Eco Divers and I have heard nothing but great comments.

We used Eco Divers both times at Bunaken and they run a very good dive operation. Great accommodation as well. I personally preferred staying on the island with Froggies. Nothing here was to the same standard as Eco Divers but dive times were 75 mins minimum, it was half price, free internet and laundry daily (also cheaper beer!). My wife definitely preferred Eco Divers thou. I would spend at least a night there (dependant on your length of trip). I have done a day trip before and it is very tiring


We are planning a group trip to Indonesia. We are discussing if we should divide the trip between diving in Lembeh and some days in Bunaken/Siladen. Or maybe should we stay the entire trip in Lembeh and try to arrange trips to the North/South of Lembeh strait or also to the east side of Lembeh Island for Reef and Coral diving.

Is it anybody with experience in this? The group will probably be mostly photographers.

We have been looking at KBR, Lembeh Resort and NAD and also Siladen Island resort. Does anybody have any recommendation or experience with this places. Is it worth the money staying on KBR or Lembeh Reswort compared to NAD lembeh?

Please help us out



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04 October 2011 - 02:48 AM

Travy, is that last picture Allan Walker's new boat?

Hi Drew,
Allans new boat is a bright orange colour. If you look at his face book page you will see it.

In Topic: South Africa

04 October 2011 - 02:43 AM

Nicely done Loftus! I'm ENVIOUS!

Headed there next summeer for the Sardine Run and a trip to False Bay...would love to sneak in a Safari along the way. Any suggestions?



did you end up dping the Sardine Run in 2011?

In Topic: A Few Dives at Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

04 October 2011 - 02:07 AM

I had unfortunately goofed on the gain during a couple of the dives, which yielded quite a bit of noise. But, we at least had pretty good viz on two of the five dives. Viz was semi-shabby on two of the others, and harsh currents and rubbish viz predominated during an attempt at the bow of The Produce.

Camera = Sony HVR-Z7U.

Hopefully, next year...

Are you going to try the same boat again next year?