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Need Help Improving Splits/Over Under

07 October 2011 - 10:28 AM

Posted Image Hi All,

My name is Tom and I am a recovering underwater photographer. I have recently switched to digital and am trying to improve my splits (over under) images. I captured this image recently and am hoping for tips on how to improve it. I used a Nauticam 7d housing with a Zen dome port and a Tokina 10-17. I am considering getting a Nauticam viewfinder, and have seen some claims that the 45 degree viewfinder is better than the 180 for splits, but am not sure about this.

The image was captured at Wakulla Springs State Park. I have had good luck there as the water is very clear and manatees will sometimes initiate contact with divers coming very close (like as in 2 feet close). Any hints on how to improve image quality of splits is welcome.