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FS: Sea&Sea dome port 8" mint

28 December 2011 - 04:27 PM


i have a sea & sea 8" dome for sale..

Price: 300€ plus posting.

im located in canary islands spain but can post to everywhere.

for any info please contact me on info@kubestudio.com as im not that often in this forum.


Where do i get a new gland for a new control for my housing?

29 October 2011 - 12:48 AM


i continue with the adaptation of my Nx90Z for a d300..

as i said the space in the housing is made, and the camera fits in.

i have the shutter release solved, and now im working on the main dial control (on the back of the camera)

trying to adapt the top control for the F90 dial into the d300 failed in any single way, i couldnt manage to get any gears to make it work, as the space is too tight, and it was getting me mad.

So i changed my idea, and im going to use a drill that its already made on the housing, and covered by a big screw with the model label on it.

Posted Image

this black circle has been unscrewd and now i have a hole witch i think has the size of the top left gland on this photo... i still have to manage to measure it, but is there anyway to get Sea & sea parts?

if not, my other option will be to remove one of the glands of another control wich is not going to be used and put it back there, and then seal the empty one somehow.

with a good circle and the proper pressure on the back of the camera, i will be able to rotate the main dial as they do with all the new housings.

Another question, how do i remove one of this Glands? they look like they are bolts but they have like 2 small holes on the top of the bolt at both sides of the gland. Is there any special tool or i just have to turn them hard hard hard?


Problem with the back dial

27 October 2011 - 03:49 PM


Finally i started my conversion from the Nx90Z housing to fit a nikon d300 instead of the N90-F90 wich it was designed for..

so far so good...

i removed a lot of stuff in there, useless buttons on digital, as diafragma control, i had to take out the base plate, i had to polish some screw mounts on the aluminium of the body, but it fits..

i managed to get the d300 in there, and so far it looks good in it, even the lens seems to be centered, so should be allright.

I managed aswell to reconduct the shutter button, and now i can also fire the camera.

Im working now on the control of the back dial ( the one on the back of the camera, wich on nikon we use for the shutter speed, while the front one sets up the Apperture )

The problem is that N90/F90 had that control on top of the camera as a wheel, so the housing has a screw coming through that ends on a flat round plate, wich fits on the N90 wheel, and can move it from the Top of it.

The d300, has the screen on top of that control, so the control can only be moved from "behind" and not from the top.

So i was thinking to build something somehow more complicated, but i see the d300 housing from ikelite, uses a flat panel wich is suposed to move that dial


but i can't understand how that control can move the dial of a d300.. it just doesnt makes sense..

can anyone who has a housing with a control from the back for the dial explain me how it works?? you rotate it and that makes the dial rotate aswell?? doesnt makes sense to me!


Help with what strobes to buy!

19 October 2011 - 12:53 AM

Hi all,

First of all thanks for all the info on this site its awesome.

I been a photographer for a few years professionaly, but im totally new to Diving photography.

I just recently bought an old housing to try this kind of photography and im trying to assamble a cheap cheap kit, so i can find out if this will get into me or not.

So far i bought a Nx 90Z housing for a N90 or F90, and a 8" dome from Sea & sea.

Im gonna start using it with a tokina 10-17, and i know its not a full frame lens, but at 17mm will be good enough to find out if i like this or not.

Im about to get the Strobes, and im considering buying the YS 60 from Sea & sea because they seem to be the cheapest.

The ones im finding are YS60/S not the N version, and im not sure if that really is important!

Are they compatible with that housing? can i use them ? they say is TTL, but is there anything im missing here?

can't really find any info on compatibility or anything, the only thing i found is that they dont trigger optically, but as far as i can set them up in TTL or even in manual should be ok to start with.

And another question, does anyone uses those flashes aswell outside? i mean, are they like normal strobes? because that way i could use them in some of my dry photography aswell!

thanks very much!

Adapting a Film Housing to digital cameras

12 October 2011 - 11:53 AM


This forum is really great for information, so im sure its the right place to ask.

Im looking for information on how to adapt a film housing to fit a digital camera.

My project started finding a Sea & Sea 2nd hand housing for a N90 or F90 nikon, im sure it would been easier with a bigger or more similar model like the f100 or other of the latest nikon film cameras, but i couldnt find one on my price range.

My housing is a NX-90Z

Now, i know for sure i can put a digital camera on this housing, a d40/d40x or a d60 will fit for sure, and when the housing arrives i will check with d300 or d90 to see if it fits.

Im a photographer, specially a surf photographer, and i have surfing housings, but i wanted something to do some UW shoots for fashion, and diving now and then. Of course i could not justify the price of a housing without an intensive diving, and a port for half in the water half out of it for my surf housing was almost as expensive as the whole set of the film housing with the 8" dome port, so i decided to try the latest.

My main questions are:

- What are the very basic controls that you need to use on a dive?? on surfing we just set most of the time the lens on HyperFocal and we set-up everything before the shooting, and once in the water we just shoot, always in raw of course. maximum you can change the shutter or the apperture, but i dont see much sense for most of the rest of the controls of my camera on a surfing controled scenario. Its diving the same?

- Has anyone done a conversion like this? any site where i can get extensions or changes for the buttons of my housing? i pretend to re-ubicate some of the buttons and anulate others, any tips or ideas on how to do those buttons?

thanks guys, any help will be appreciated!

If anyone has any info on a site talking deeply about the Sea & sea n90x housing that would be helpfull aswell!