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Sony A6500 Housing/Port/Lens Options

08 April 2017 - 12:19 AM

I am interested in purchasing the Sony A6500 for its excellent 4k video quality but the housing/port/lens options are not exactly obvious.


I record both wide angle and macro equally and have narrowed the equipment options down to this:


Option 1.


Camera: Sony A6500

Lens: Sony 16-50mm OSS kit lens (https://www.bhphotov...Power_Zoom.html)

Housing: Fantasea FA6500 (http://www.backscatt...u/fs-1520.lasso)

Port: FML Port 34 (http://www.fantasea..../it.A/id.756/.f)

Diopter: Nauticam CMC-1 (http://www.backscatt.../na-81301.lasso)


With this option I would use the 16-50mm as the wide/mid range lens with the diopter for macro with an intention to upgrade to a Sony 10-18mm for wide and a separate dedicated macro lens. Unfortunately Fantasea has no other port options as of right now so the upgrade path is uncertain. Could anyone from Fantasea provide any information on planned equipment?


Option 2.


Camera: Sony A6500

Lens 1: Sony 16-50mm OSS kit lens

Lens 2: Sony 50mm F1.8 OSS (https://www.bhphotov...lens_black.html)

Housing: Ikelite (http://www.ikelite.c...sony-a6500.html)

Port 1: 6 inch Dome with Zoom (http://www.ikelite.c...-dome-port.html)

Port 2: Standard Flat Port (http://www.ikelite.c...-flat-port.html)

Diopter: Nauticam CMC-1


With this option I would only be able to use the 16-50mm as a wide/mid range lens and the 50mm F1.8 OSS would be used with the diopter as the macro lens. I would look to upgrade to the Sony 10-18mm (which shares the same dome as the 16-50mm). The upgrade path with this option is more logical but requires a separate lens and port just for macro.


Would anyone like to make any comments/suggestions on the options? Am I missing any obvious options?

I have thoroughly researched 4k cameras and the A6500 is the absolute leader in image quality and continuous autofocus however has few options in the housing/port area.