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Macro 60 or 105mm on a D800 + (maybe) TC 14-EII or TC-20EIII

14 July 2013 - 10:22 PM

Hi folks,

I own the D700 and am upgrading soon, probably, to the D800 camera housing and son on, but before getting my brand new UW setup, I have to decide first about a macro lens to buy right now because I've just known about an upcoming job on land in the Amazon Forest (with no dives included at all). I'm a freelancer environmental journalist and photographer who works with all kinds of nature subjects (not only underwater ones, even that, no doubts, surely these are my favorites). So, as I work by myself and as I don't have a big budget to buy all the top gear which I'd like to have, I beg you please help me with some suggestions in order to allow me save some money (whether is possible think about this when talking about uw photo rig).


Anyway, I'm wondering which would be the best option to buy right now: the 60mm or the 105mm VR macro lens (thinking about using it on land firstly on a forest and then underwater). Honestly, in a short time perspective, I don't believe I'll be able to buy the both lenses (as many people here would like to suggest me), because, as I said before, I'm upgrading my gear and this is now my priority. So, please I'd appreciate if you can help me giving me some advices about the best cost/benefit of each lens for using paired to the D800 if I only could have one of them, but, of course, considering what I've already said...


Perhaps it's important also to have on mind that I already own both the Nikon TC 14-EII (1.4x teleconverter) and the newer TC-20EIII (2.0x) as well, if ever any of them can be a good idea working toghether with any of the mentioned lenses.


I do thank a lot in advance any suggestion you guys can give me! : )