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#317122 From DX to NEX?

Posted by tdtaylor on 25 September 2012 - 06:50 AM

I switched from FX (D700) to m4/3 (Nauticam and Oly OM-D) a couple of months ago. I could not be happier. I am finding the learning curve fairly easy. What little I give up in focusing speed, I gain heavily on the advantages from my humble opinion. Going from a 22-24 pound rig to a 11 pound rig, plus all the additional ports and lenses, has made travel much more pleasurable. I can now travel with the housing, 3 ports, 5-6 lenses, camera, backup camera, S&S flashes and accessories in a reasonable weight backpack and my regs/goggles/computer/laptop in a carry shoulder case without much issue. And now I can get everything else in one rolling duffle. Before, with the heavy DSLR lenses, ports, and strobes, much, including the housing went in the duffles, and I fought to keep two duffles under 50 pounds each and keep my backpack to a reasonable weight. The housing, two Ikelite 160s and an extra battery were alone 15 pounds. And it is much easier to get in, and "push" the unit through the water. My backup Canon S90 still goes in the duffle.

I still heavily us my D700 for sports, wildlife and events, but the OM-D has become my travel and UW setup. I have even left my beloved Leica system in the closet since I got the OM-D. If anyone is interested in a full Ikelite setup for cheap let me know........