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In Topic: IWUPC prizes

05 August 2014 - 08:08 AM

So yes, it has been 7 months since the winners were announced and I have yet to be paid for 1st place in DSLR Macro ($12,000 USD.) They could not seem to figure out sending a wire transfer to any of the three banks that I use in the US. I provided the easy alternative to send the money to the resort owner's account, and provided a power of attorney that they requested, and still nothing. On top of that, my dive guide has not been paid either. Following every communication with them by email it would take 3-4 weeks to get a response, and now they just don't respond at all. And it's all being handled by random people with hotmail and gmail addresses, so there's no telling who you're actually speaking with.


In addition to that, all of the foreign winners were taxed at a rate of 43% of their total prize, so you know what's going on there.


If anyone involved with the competition has a way of contacting these people, it would be greatly appreciated. If they won't respond to me, maybe they will respond to someone else.



Chris Jansen 

In Topic: IWUPC prizes

25 April 2014 - 07:34 AM

Yes, this has gone on for way too long. It would seem that I need to open a new account for them to send my prize money, since they can't seem to get it to either of the US accounts that I have now. Add that to the fact that they don't answer emails for months at a time, and when they do it's from some anonymous gmail or hotmail account, so it all seems a bit shady. And they're hammering foreigners for 40-45% tax. I asked them to transfer my $12,000 prize to Simon's Indonesian bank and they refused. I'm assuming that they're refusing because they could only tax it 15%, as they did with Simon's prize. So it's now mid-April, and I've still not been paid.....