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18 November 2011 - 10:50 PM

Hi Marlie

Nick asked me to drop by and comment. I did the initial ID on my iPhone in the veggie section of the supermarket.

Now that I'm on the big screen I'm happier to put a species name on them - although if it really matters a colony shot should always be taken. (Gotta carry that big wide angle rig as well - dontchya hate it!)


The one with fine spinules / dots between the polyps / corallites is Echinopora lamellosa

The coral with a smooth surface between the polyps / corallites is probably Turbinaria stellulata

Learning to ID corals underwater requires using a strange combination of wide view and close up characters to exclude the other species. It can also sometimes require a measure of the "force".

Without a wide shot of the Turbinaria I would keep the ID as provisional.

If you are really interested in underwater coral ID you should check out the Indo Pacific Coral Finder at http://www.byoguides.com It's a practical underwater guide that deals with the chaos of growth form variation shown by corals. You interrogate it by shape and form and it send you to a page of look-alikes where you let your eyes do the work instead of trying to understand latin based text descriptions.

If I recall correctly you will find an example of Turbinaria stellulata behaving badly in on of my free training movies on the Coral Hub http://www.coralhub.info

Check out: http://www.coralhub....ion-3-hardcore/


Russell Kelley

Author Indo Pacific Coral Finder