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In Topic: WANTED: Nauticam mini-port 20mm extension ring

05 November 2016 - 07:44 AM

Still looking for Nauticam 20 and 30mm mini extensions

In Topic: Nauticam extension ring 30 with lock

17 May 2016 - 10:07 PM

Is this for full size SLR ports or mirrorless mini-ports for the Sony APS-C or Panasonic 4/3 platforms.

In Topic: Macro with the A7R II & Sony FE 90mm macro

19 December 2015 - 02:58 AM

Update:  Good news:  Nauticam now makes a MF set-up for the S90 and APS-C.   I've been told by Bluewater Photo that there are others who are having trouble with the S90 and NEX7 (no word on other APS-C like the A6000, etc), so MF is a must. It's also the preferred method when working with long macro lens. I mentioned in my above post that I have no explanation why the S90 focuses accurately and fast on my NEX7 when used by itself, but not with a diopter. Given that the NEX7 uses contrast focusing, I'm starting to think the S90's optics are not well suited to diopters and thus never reach the contrast level to lock focus. Just a logical hunch and nothing to back it up (I don't have test equipment).  Reef Photo more or less said the same thing in regard to lesser optimized and simpler diopters, thus recommending the SMC-1 for it's superior glass. Unfortunately after buying the SMC-1, it didn't fare any better.  Since it's supposedly designed to work underwater, perhaps the S90's focusing will respond better to it there, since all of my testing was on the surface. Still I'm suspect that this will fix the hunting problem.  More divers are beginning to use the S90, so in time we'll hear more from others. I was hoping for better after waiting so long for a true long e-mount macro. On the surface, it's a gem and rated higher than the Canon 100L. 


In Topic: Macro with the A7R II & Sony FE 90mm macro

14 December 2015 - 09:13 PM

I purchased the S90M for my NEX7 set-up.  Before investing in the port system for my NA-NEX7 housing, I tested the lens on the surface w and w/o close-up wet lens.  Using the S90 by itself,  it accurately locked onto focus every time.  However, when used with a wet close-up lens, it would hunt past the focal point repeatedly in both directions and seldom lock.  This was using a F.I.T +5, an Aquatica+10 and SMC-1. I was very disappointed comparing these results to my Nauticam Canon60 macro set-up with the Metabones adapter, which like the Sony, would pass the focal point,  but then quickly change directions and slowly return to lock focus perfectly.  It was very consistent and with different lighting.  I was hoping for better performance and AF speed with the S90, since it's a 135mm macro on the APS-C platform, great for increased  working distance and lighting. Unfortunately, in my surface testing, it was unusable for SM, which is what I wanted it for, at least without MF control. Fortunately, an option Sony FF users have with the S90, but not APS-C.  


I tried different focus range settings on the S90 and this didn't help. Also experimented with different distant placement of the wet lens to the S90, this didn't make a difference either.  Occasionally under very high contrast situations, the lens would lock, but the majority of the time it failed, it just continued to hunt back and forth past the focal point.  Remove the close-up lens and it worked perfectly.  I have no explanation for this?  Perhaps I have a bad lens copy or the results would have been better underwater, but the C60 with Metabones was just as fast in AF (still slow...LOL) BUT dead-on focus every time in the same tests. 


Given that the APS-C Nauticam port system for the S90 doesn't have MF control, I would be hesitant to go the S90 route with Sony APS-C for those who want to shoot SM with a wet lens.  Perhaps I just have a bad copy of the lens and plan to send it in to Sony for testing when I get home. Or for some reason, it doesn't like the NEX7's contrast only focus system and would work better with the A6000's PS+C focus? Be great to hear from other Sony APS-C shooters who have consistent success in AF with diopters on other Sony APS-C cameras.  I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this focus issue with the S90 since I'd love to use the lens underwater. 


Until then, I'm sticking with my Nauticam C60 macro set-up for the NEX7 because it works reliably in both MF and AF.