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05 July 2015 - 06:32 AM

PM sent for Nikon Port macro 60

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18 May 2015 - 07:49 AM

I might be interested in the gears.  I'm experimenting with using one of my ports on a different lens and wondered whether they might work. Can you tell me the inside diameter of the gears in millimeters, and if possible, the distance between the peaks of the gear teeth? 

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05 May 2015 - 08:44 PM

I'm still looking for 20 or 30mm mini extension.



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08 April 2015 - 10:16 PM

Mark K,


I know nothing about 10bar and it's accessory use on Nauticam.  


I assume the DeoTech you refer to is a Canon to Sony adapter like the Metabones.  The Nauticam ports that work with these adapters are the Nauticam Canon 60 port (like I have) or the Zen model which will work with both the 60 and 100mm Canon macros (with the correct outer port).  Nauticam has said they'll support the Sony 90 as soon as it comes out for the FE A7 series  housings. While not announced,  I suspect also for the NEX platform at some point.  


In the meantime the S90 may work in their Canon 60 port with 40mm of extension (two 20').  I'm hoping this is the case as I imagine the native port for the Sony macro will be quite expensive if they include manual focus and auto/manual control knobs.  Since it's an autofocus lens and one can turn it on and off with the camera controls,  maybe it'll  just be a simple 2 part port which would make it more affordable.  More or less how I will use it in my Canon 60 port.  Too bad the S90 is 2mm wider than the ID of their focus gear for the C60 or I might have been able to get the port to do manual focus on the S90.


The Sony FE macro is supposed to be available in July, so we'll see soon enough what will or will not work.. 


Good luck with your 10bar ideas.  I wouldn't think much, if anything, would cross over to Nauticam. 



In Topic: a6000 lens for underwater + underwater case

11 March 2015 - 10:21 AM

Moray Eel,


Since it may be some time before I finalize the attachment of a Nauticam 25105 swing mount to the 4.33, I thought I'd share the rig with you now, as it may be months before I finish it.


Currently as seen, the NA-NEX7 housing uses 3 lens: a modified Z12, S18-55 and the Canon 60EF-s macro in a custom Nauticam Canon 60 port with manual and auto focus (slow but accurate). The diopters are a F.I.T +5 and an Aquatica +10 that can be stacked if need be. I'd like to check out the new SMC-1 or CMC-1 in the future, but the ones I have are paid for :-) The Z12 is in the 4.33 and there's a close up showing it's glass element sitting back right about where the dome begins (optimum configuration). A 30mm extension might work too for both it and the S18-55, but I only have a 20mm and it works fine,  especially better for macro when using the kit lens at 55 to shorten distance to the diopter.


The focus/video light is an iTorch Pro 6 with white, red and UV lighting. I configured a 52mm filter mount to the front (using home depot plumbing parts) to hold dichroic filters for fluorescent and video work. I bought the Nightsea light, but sold it because the iTorch Pro has pure UV and enough Lumens to give me blue light using dichroic filters. It's a great WA video and focus light too with removable batteries ( I carry 3 charged batteries). The Nightsea was brighter for sure, but not enough for me to carry both lights, plus the expense, not to mention no extra batteries.  I also have dichroic filters for both the Inon Z-240 and S-2000.  As you can see, I made a swingable 67mm filter holder for the Z-240 and implemented a 52mm filter holder onto the S-2000 diffuser holder. These filter holders give me lots of options on a single dive. 


67mm lens/filter holders were attached to the float system to carry accessories.  The S-2000 uses a mirror to fire (I can also use an optical cable) and it's on a detachable handle, so I can set it behind the subject for rear lighting. 


The swing macro mount shown (Nauticam # 25104) is for my Port 72.  In order for it to be grafted onto the wings of the 4.33, I'd have to do some modifications since the distance between the hinge system is about 5mm or so too short. A much better swing mount is the Nauticam 25105. It's about 7mm wider than the 25104 since it's made for the 4" semi-dome and the 67mm mount extends farther out since it's designed for a dome, not a flat port like Port 72. I believe this mount can be attached to the wings of the 4.33 with very little work, other than some stainless screws and spacers, no need to change the width of the hinges, etc. like with the Port 72 #25104. Basically the close up shows how the ring can be removed and hinges fastened to the wings of the 4.33.  These mounts have a couple notched positions that allow the mount to be swung back in place, well out of the way when using the port for WA. 


As mentioned earlier, the Canon 60 port is a 2 part port and wide and long enough (w/40mm of extension) to handle the Sony 90 FE macro.  At least as far as my computations go, so I hope to replace the C60EF-s with the longer macro when it arrives. Or have both should the water be a bit mucky and I'd rather have a shorter macro to lessen the water between the subject and lens. 


The entire system, including batteries & chargers, dive computer and filters fits into an Airport Antidote v 2.0 backpack (16 x14 x 9) which meets American Airline requirements for a personal item, so you can still take a carry-on with you. It weighs about 25 lbs. which works with AA and JAL, but one needs to move stuff to other areas (like the carry-on or photographer's vest) for most Asian discount airlines at 25 lbs is over the limit for a personal item or carry-on.  


Hope that helps and inspires you.  


Happy diving