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15 May 2014 - 05:27 AM

I'm seriously thinking of getting the Z50 Touit. Given it and the S16-50 kit use the same Macro 45 port (+the 30mm extension) I'm wondering if the IQ on the S16-50 is any better than the S18-55?  I've read articles in both directions, all stating neither lens are really very good, both being quite soft in the corners with loads of CA. 


I don't do much extreme WA (as much as the Z12 wets my dreams :-). It's been suggested to try the Z24 in my 4.33 dome (rarely used for video w/ S16 & WE/FE converters) or the more versatile Z16-70, both giving me better IQ and similar AOV as the short end of the kit in a flat port.  However, after checking out the new Zeiss 16-70 set-up Ryan showed me above, it won't replace the kit's single dive versatility since it uses the 7" dome. I was hoping it was a bigger version of Port 72 when I first saw the drawing. LOL.


Any other creative ideas on lens and port use perhaps with other manufacturers? It's hard to stay up on all this stuff as much as I try. 


Trying to keep a lightweight travel system from growing and not have to plan another bank job :-) LOL


Anyone have any photo shots of the Z24 and S16-50 kit lens or any opinions on them.  I won't be diving for another 9 months or so, so there's time to sort things out and see the lens tests and UW results from the Z50 Touit. 





In Topic: Sony Alpha A6000

14 May 2014 - 08:32 PM



Hey, it pays to read these forums. Wow, a port for the Z16-70. Way to go Nauticam.  I'll check it out :-)


Thanks for the update!



In Topic: Sony Alpha A6000

14 May 2014 - 12:44 AM

I'm sure the A6000 housing will be quite popular, as the camera is an affordable 24MP high IQ body.  The Zeiss 12mm WA has been declared the sharpest and highest IQ WA for UW work.  I'm sure the Z50 will be right up there in IQ, maybe a bit short in length, but at least a 1:1 macro.  I've suggested to Zeiss to make a sharp 1.4 E-mount TC, but I doubt that will ever happen, even though the engineer thought it was a great idea, as they do make TC's for other platforms.


Too bad Nauticam decided not to support the Z16-70 zoom that Stuart uses in his FS700. I played around with it when it first came out and wanted to use it as a versatile single dive lens to replace the 18-55 kit. It would fit into a Port 72 with a 30mm mini extension, but because it's not an internal focus lens, the port design just wouldn't cover it's AOV range.  Nauticam would have had to build a fairly huge and wide custom port to do what Port 72 does for the S18-55. I finally accepted it just wasn't going to happen. Now that the NEX system is maturing for UW use, perhaps someday Nauticam willl build a semi-dome port with a swing diopter mount to work with this lens, but I doubt it.


The NEX 7 housing is fantastic with it's Tri-Nav controls.  It's been a long wait, but lens are finally starting to appear for us loyal NEX users.  I'm hoping to use the Z50 macro in my Port 72 with some modifications because I still love the 18-55 single dive  versatility, just not it's IQ, even though it's not terrible and I've gotten by with it.  

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01 August 2013 - 11:25 AM

One Z-240 Sold!


One Z-240 Type 4 w/ .5 diffuser, red/white LED diffusers, spare 0-ring kit and Z-type 1" ball Inon mount.  Excellent condition for $625

Sea and Sea 5 pin Type N (Nikonos) dual strobe sync cord S&S part3 03470. Like new for $85

In Topic: WTB Inon Z-240 strobe

31 July 2013 - 11:29 AM

Hi Tom,


The Z-240's are now also listed here on Wetpixel