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In Topic: Which Strobe

08 May 2013 - 07:40 AM

Hi there,Pooley is absolutly right. Ikelite SLR housings are not enable to use optical strobe connections therefore you wont be able to trigger any optical unit. This rules out the S&S YS01, YS02 and Inon S2000 and D2000

You are left with Ikelite own strobes. S&S YS D-1 and YS 250 and the Inon Z240.

Only Ikelite strobes will give you TTL because the housing has a built in TTL converter that allows you to control the strobe from the back of the housing.

The  DS160 and 161 are very powerful and very fast but incredibly heavy and use a rather big battery pack.

The S&S YS D1 is a great option. is as powerful as the ikelite DS160 but is much lighter and uses regular AA batteries. 

The Inon Z240 is one of the more popular strobes out there and it will perform perfectly, The downside is the price, compared to the YS D1, the S&S option is more powerful and cheaper.

With either of this 2 strobes you will need the S&S Syncro cord.

The Ikeilte DS51 is a small unit but pretty useless for wide angle, is under powered and has a very narrow beam.

In Topic: wet lenses 67mm thread

29 April 2013 - 02:41 AM

Hi Kevindale. The UCL100 lens was designed by Inon to work only with compact cameras. With M43 as with SLR cameras, the lens will not perform properly. you can consider stacking up 2 UCL165 and get 6 or 12 diopters. The price difference is about £50.00,

in terms of image quality the Subsee is by far a better option for your EP-L3 

In Topic: Which camera to 'encase': E-M5 or RX100?

20 April 2013 - 06:54 AM

One way to keep the cost down with the OMD is to use the 12-50 kit lens with the zoom gear made by an Austrian company (http://www.unterwass...-zoom-gear.html) on the Macro port 65 for the Olympus 60mm.

This will allow you to use wet lenses like the Inon UWL H100 wide angle and the Sebsee +10 or +5 diopter.

Alex mustard had a great review on a different post. you can have a look here:


With this set up you do not have to invest in extra lenses and you get the versatility of a compact camera with the incredible quality of the OMD

In Topic: Housing for Nex camera

20 April 2013 - 06:41 AM

IMHO Nauticam is the best option. It has fantastic support world wide and a great range of accessories.

I had some problems with the Aquatica rear wheel sticking when deeper 20mt and they do not have a any port that suits macro.

Aquapazza is makes very nice housings. I have only seen the NEX7 and is a very nice piece of kit with an excellent magnetic zoom gear system. It will work exactly the same underwater as it does on land.

The 10Bar is not bad but the ergonomics are not very nice.

I would go for the Nauticam housing with the 4" dome for the 16mm, It will work perfectly with the wide and super wide clip on adapters.

For macro, you have 2 options, the 30mm macro with the macro port 45 and the 18-55 with the flat port 72 and an external diopter.

One thing not many people think when choosing a housing is the after sale support. Nauticam IMHO has the best one.

In Topic: Camera Setup?

03 April 2013 - 09:25 AM

Hi Jan

The G12 is an excellent camera but unfortunately it will be limited underwater by the lack of wide angle options.

Because the physical size of the lens, any adapter to attach a wet lens will show on the picture  and the amount of zoom required to eliminate the vignetting will destroy the image quality.

From the underwater point of view, the canon S range (S90,S95, S100 and the current S110) are a better option. The camera specs are identical plus you have the advantage of optional wide and fisheye lenses.

The recently launched G15 is the first camera of the G series that have a dedicated wide angle option thanks to the new Inon S100 wide angle lens. 

There is a good review of the G15 on the following link:



All the photos you see on the gallery were taken with strobe. As Chris said Inon strobes are excellent and they have the best sTTL mode in the market. The S2000 has very similar specs to the D2000 and is a lot smaller, this unfortunately affect the controls which art small and fiddly.