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In Topic: Jelly blob from Ambon, Indonesia

13 August 2012 - 12:43 AM

Hi Worm Girl

will do, and will let you know


In Topic: Industry members, introduce yourselves...

15 December 2011 - 05:25 PM

Hi All,

My name is Marcel Hagendijk, and I am manager at Maluku Divers, in Ambon, East Indonesia. In my spare time I am interim cruise director on Damai liveaboard.

I have expertise as instructor, technical/mixed gas diver, wreck and cave exploration, guide, and underwater videographer.

Since last year, after the Wetpixel Nightdive Safari in Ambon, I got back in the underwater photography side of things. Since January this year I upgraded my photo equipment, and have been taking underwater pics on a very regular base.

Ambon is known for its critter diving, and I start to have a nice collection of underwater images. As I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to dive on a daily base with my camera, and deal a lot with (professional) underwater photographers, I had a steep learning curve. Hopefully I can enter the world of professional underwater photographers one day.

Proud to say I made 3rd price in the Ocean Art 2011 novice DSLR category, as its my first competition entry.

Anyway, as I want to improve my skills, I joined wetpixel, and hope to pick up some more tricks of the trade

Hope to dive with you all (again) some day, and talk camera!


Marcel Hagendijk