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In Topic: Tokina 10-17 -- Kenko 1.4 Zoom Gear required

19 January 2012 - 01:51 PM

Thanks Diver Dave,

I guess my thinking was the length of the teleconverters with there being some 10mm difference between them. As we have the same housing ,lens and dome . I am using a Nikon D300. I am not sure which camera body you are using. I would think that there would be little difference overall in the total length from the camera-teleconverter-10-17 and small dome port with the 20 mm ring extension.

I have assembled the housing with the camera ,10-17 and dome port with the 20 extension ring. I have the lens zoomed to maximum length. Looking to see if there is at least 27mm more space. Seems there is at the furthest point on the dome. As it curves the distance shortens but seems like enough.

I will order 300pro and keep my fingers crossed. Once it arrives I will report back .

Thanks again jimj

In Topic: Tokina 10-17 -- Kenko 1.4 Zoom Gear required

17 January 2012 - 11:00 PM

Happy New Year and many thanks to both diver dave1 and Jim Swims for your help and advice. Happy to say that I received my Teleconverter Zoom gear for my nexus housing. Your advice on getting the gear to fit was of tremendous help and worked a treat. Dealing with Fun -In UW photo Eaquipment was pretty smooth once I worked out how to place the order.

OK now that I have the gear I am ready to order the teleconverter. There are 2 different Kenko 1.4 teleconverters for sale.
1. The Kenko 1.4 teleplus mc4 DGX with a barrel length of 17mm
2The Kenko Pro 300 DGX with a barrel length of 27mm

Reading all of the literature the 300 pro is recommended for lens of 100mm or greater and has a barrel length of 27mm. The Tokina is 10-17. It would seem that the basic teleplus is the one to pick . As well the new gear is 20mm longer and seems more workable with the 17 mm barrel length of the teleplus than the 27mm barrel length of the 300 Pro

Can you please let me know if I am on the right track?.

Many thanks


In Topic: Tokina 10-17 -- Kenko 1.4 Zoom Gear required

19 December 2011 - 06:45 PM

I think I have figured it out. I contacted fun- in and they emailedback to say they will make up the gear to mesh with the Nexus housing gear. I have paid for it through paypal and they contacted me to say the have received the $ and will ship within a week. I guess all will be revealed when it arrives. Either it will work or it won't. I will let you know the final outcome if thats OK. Once again thank you very much for all of the effort you went to digging through your past email records.


In Topic: Tokina 10-17 -- Kenko 1.4 Zoom Gear required

19 December 2011 - 06:41 PM

I checked my zoom gear. It does not state a model number. It has F.I.T., the lens and for Nexus housing on the label.
I looked back in my email log and found the following from Fun-In with the quote for the ring.

FIT zoom ring for Tokina 10-17 with Kenko 1.4X for NEXUS M6 port (D90 housing)
Mfr# ZG-T107K14-ATS

I suggest you email fun-in to get the correct gear for your housing.

In Topic: Tokina 10-17 -- Kenko 1.4 Zoom Gear required

18 December 2011 - 04:38 PM

I checked that number at Fun-IN. That looks like its for Sea and Sea housings. Maybe it works for Nexus, maybe not.
I suggest you email them.

I am happy with the zoom gear. Its smooth working.
Important points:
It must be installed evenly. If not aligned evenly, the gear will work loose as you use it. Alignment is easy to check...just zoom in/out with the dome off, watching the gear meshing. The teeth should stay engaged evenly the entire time.

Slide the gear on from the back of the lens and only press it on as far as needed. SLOWLY and carefully remove the gear. If you are removing it by pressing it off toward the back - be careful You can cause the lens to separate as the zooming action is only held on with 2 sided tape. This is why I talked about cutting the o-ring on the gear. If the fit is too tight, you can separate your lens.
It costs $80 to have it put back together.

But overall, I like the gear and recommend it. Just handle it carefully.



I am a little confused I understand we both have Nexus housings,Tokina10-17, Kenko 1.4 andthe small dome port with a 20 mm extension for the port. Is your Zoom gear the one they show in the website model ZG-STK1017 or another model number. It may be for the Sea And Sea but it seems to me that is the only one available. I have written to them asking if it will work and if it does when will it be back in stock. Thank you very much for all of the handling tips. It is always nice to know how not to screw it up.