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In Topic: focus light attachment

19 February 2015 - 01:31 AM

   WOW !!! this just may be the answer to my question. From the photo I just can't work out how if I want to move my strobe arm that it won't affect the position of the focus light. It would seem that if I loosen the strobe arm to move it the focus light arm will drop & then have to be readjusted. I can say that  if even if that's the case it still looks better than what I am currently doing.

   PS. How have you found the flotation works around the port? I have the same flotation on all 4 of my strobe arms and find they hit each other restricting my strobe arm placement when shooting macro.


    Once again many thanks to  jimswims,diverdave & Vondo  no doubt we all have friends who just don't resonate with our desire to drag a camera around UW

In Topic: focus light attachment

18 February 2015 - 03:52 PM

    Thanks so very much for offering your ideas. My handle is not an ultralight but the one that came with the housing. My housing has the 2 screw holes next to the port opening but no black block.. Perhaps there may be a vertical ball mount that has 2 holes matching the spacing on the housing. If I can direct the ball vertically then maybe a 2 way clamp will work with the sola 1200. I will  dig through several of the UW photo cataloques & see if there is something.


     Once again many thanks.

 If I come up with something I will come back with an update