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Tokina 10-17 -- Kenko 1.4 Zoom Gear required

18 December 2011 - 01:00 PM

I am currently using a 10-17 Tokina in a Nexis 100 mm dome port. I would like to add a Kenko 1.4 teleconverter . I understand that the lens would be lengthened by approximately 25mm. I have a 20mm port extension for when I shoot my Nikon 105 in a Nexis straight port. This extension also fits my dome port so I can get the front of the port out enough to allow for the teleconverter and lens to fit. OK my missing link ( I think) is that the manual zoom gear on my Tokina is 5.96mm thick Model 21351 HG-725 and I think I need a gear that is around 25-30mm thick to reach the gear in the housing. I have been to the Nexis-Anthis website and there is nothing available that meets this requirement that I can find. Can anyone steer me to another brand of gear that may work. As the gear inside my housing is held in by small screws perhaps, I can put a new matching gear into the housing when shooting this combination.

Sorry for such a long winded and probably ill explained 2nd posting. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.