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What would you advise?

19 December 2011 - 10:06 AM

Hey all

Iím new to underwater videography and looking to buy my first set. I donít have a budget in mind first I want to know what you advice. I already looked for an CANON Legeria HF G10, whit an Light & Motion Bluefin standard housing, 2 Sola 1200 lights and an Light &Motion Fathom 65 wetmate. Is this too big to start with? I want high quality films (I not planning to do this for living just as an hobby) and a set that can be used for a dozen years.

Iím not new to diving I have, Iím diving for about 4 years now and made almost 800 dives (798). All of my dives have been in the Netherlands in the fresh waters and in the seas, dives on depths of 5m to depths of 50m. I want to use the set for these type of dives

What would you advise?