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Live View AF points on Canon 5D MK IV question

Yesterday, 04:18 PM

I just upgraded to the Mk IV and was curious if there was a way to change AF points while using Live View underwater?  I've had other units that will do it and today it was a PITA switching back and forth in the view finder to change the AF point. 

Any suggestions?



Complete Camera (Canon/Ikelite) system for sale

22 September 2017 - 01:51 AM

I am selling my COMPLETE underwater photography kit...Everything you need to start taking pics is included...

I apologize for the pics as they were taking with my phone..

The details: included is an Ikelite housing with TTL circuitry,8"dome (for wide angle and over/under imagery which you will fall in love with),port for Tokina 10-17 lens, zoom gear. I did plasti-coat the handles because 1) I don't like the color red thus why the handles are black and 2) I wanted something more durable.

I mentioned this is a COMPLETE system so you need a camera...I am including my Canon 70D camera with this package,battery included. I am also including my Tokina 10-17mm lens.


All this can be yours for only $2000 (plus shipping). If interested, I am at Gilboa (local quarry) almost every Sunday and would be happy to go over things there. If you are there on a regular basis, you may have seen this over there. I LOVE this system but recent demands for some upcoming projects have required me to upgrade. I was initially thinking I would keep this as a back-up but the formats would be different and it wouldn't work...so...I'm putting my beloved setup up for sale. If interested send me a message here or I can be reached at Don (at) deco-services (dot) com.