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In Topic: Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

19 January 2018 - 03:44 AM

Assuming that you're using manual settings, have you tried dialling down the on-camera flash compensation as far as it will go?  I've tried myself and (oddly, but perhaps it's because I'm using fill-flash in daylight) can't see that it makes any material difference to the lighting of the shot - but it might possibly reduce the recycling time.  Just a thought.

In Topic: Nauticam for Sony A6500 and strobes (help needed)

18 January 2018 - 11:31 AM

This is a very good question, and one which I have often wondered about. But I have used my Nauticam-housed a6500 with both Inon Z240 and Retra Flash strobes, and never noticed any significant detriment from the recycling time of the internal flash. I can't see that the Fantasea tried would fit into the housing; and if a workable trigger were developed, is be fascinated to know how much improvement it brought.
Incidentally, I do expertise greater frustrations from the topside flash capability of the a6500, than underwater - especially as concerns off-camera wireless remote. The fact that the HVLF43 flash can't be triggered by the internal unit is an astonishingly poor design decision.

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In Topic: Ports, domes and lenses (Sony)

31 December 2017 - 02:59 AM

Valuable comments from Mark, as always.

The FE 90 macro is indeed a bit of a giant, but I find it much more useable then the Touit 50, especially with diopters. There are very few creatures that allow one to approach closely enough to use the Touit's tiny focus distance.

For fisheye, he Tokina 10-17/Metabones combination works excellently with the a6500, although again it's quite a size. I have the Mark V adapter, and had no complaints about the autofocus at all (which can be a problem with adapted lenses): quick and consistent. It's true that the lack of a proper native fisheye is a downside to the Sony range underwater, but the Tokina works fine.

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In Topic: A6500+16mm+WA-Converter which DomePort?

16 December 2017 - 02:35 AM

If you're looking for a rectilinear wide angle solution, I would recommend the 10-18 zoom with the Nauticam 7" acrylic. It's a much better lens than the 16mm with converter, and the dome gives a good solution for over/under if that's what you're after (and I get what you're saying about the 4.33" in that regard).  In case you're not on Nauticam (if not why not?! [emoji14]), there must be other solutions for a compatible dome.

The problem with rectilinear is that especially at the wider end, and close in, it can stretch perspective rather nastily. Equally, you can have some fun with that, but it just doesn't work for CFWA - for that, you need fisheye.

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In Topic: Sony A6500 SEL1018

22 September 2017 - 08:42 AM

Hi JB,
What is your favourite lens for Sony A6500 if you are shooting wide angle? Macro? and fish portrait?
I heard the Sony 16mm with fisheye converter is not good in terms of corner sharpness, what about stopping down the aperture?

On my NEX6 and a6300 I always used the 16+fisheye and, to be honest, never had a huge problem with corner sharpness - not because the corners were sharp, I just didn't notice that they weren't. But since I've been doing a few workshops and rubbing shoulders with the pro crowd more, and entering competitions, I have been more sensitive to the issue. I still don't think it's severe enough to stop me using the lens - as you say, stopping down helps (who needs shallow DoF with wide angle anyway?), but I haven't done detailed testing, so don't take my word for it.

For my a6500 I do want to look at the alternatives, and that's why I'm splashing out on the Tokky 10-17 for my forthcoming Socorro trip. But it will have cost me over £2,000 for lens, converter and Zen dome. TF my wife doesn't read WetPixel (I hope).


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