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Inon LF-800N

11 February 2016 - 09:01 AM

Does anyone have any experience of using one of these? I'm thinking of getting one as an alternative to a snoot for macro shots, and so any practical comments would be most welcome to help me decide.

Justin Beevor

New Sony a6300 - new housing?

03 February 2016 - 12:10 PM

At last, now I can start to make up my mind about my NEX-6 upgrade choice, and the fast autofocus looks great.
But one strange downside for me is that it looks like the a6300 should drop straight into the a6000 housing - the only noticeable differences look like the AEL button with its new AF/MF toggle surround, and the menu button moved ever so slightly to the left.  As a current NEX-6 owner, I need a new housing anyway, so I'm hoping for similar advances that mark Nauticam's new EM10 mkII housing, with the handle stiffeners and shutter release extension.  But if the new camera will fit the old housing, I wonder if these will be introduced for the new Sony?
Just a thought, Mr Lai ... please!!

Fisheye with Sony a7Rii

24 January 2016 - 04:28 AM

Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of upgrading from NEX6 to an a7Rii, but I have concerns about fisheye. Although I've been quite happy using the 16mm+converter on my NEX6, considering the amount of money I'll be putting into the upgrade, I really want to think about whether I can find a better fisheye option for the full frame.

Has anyone here tried the Sigma 15mm on an a7? If so, did you notice a good improvement in quality over the 28mm+converter? And what mount converter did you use to preserve autofocus (if any exists)?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Justin Beevor