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In Topic: Strobe Technique Tips...

07 May 2015 - 12:34 AM

There are tons of photos that I feel look good u/w, only to download and discover that I continuously get washed out photos when in TTL mode. 


How did you ascertain they were OK under water?


Which Seacam strobes do you have? Only the D models work in TTL with a D700 and if you use both you need a special circuit board.

In Topic: Are you happy you changed from DX to FX?

30 April 2015 - 10:42 PM

Hi Everyone,


I am just about to upgrade my camera and was hoping to get some advise on whether it is the right time to change to FX or stick with a DX system.


I am looking at the Nikon D7100 (or the D7200 if it appears shortly as predicted) or the Nikon D750, both sound like great cameras and I have read every review that I can get my hands on.


Now those that have changed over are you happy with the decision, or do you miss the DX system, especially the Tokina 10-17?


And what are your preferred lens with a FX system?


Any comments would be much appreciated.







Like a few others that have responded I am still using  APS-C, so full frame was a supplementation as opposed to a change. That said, I presently shoot more frames FF than APS-C. My old D2X is now used more for special projects. For example, I used a vintage 200mm Medical Nikkor with it recently to shoot some super-macro. I did not used the built in ring light.


Attached is a shot that I took a couple of days ago as an example of FF capability. It was shot at ISO 25,600. This was simply not possible with the D2X. I used a fisheye lens, same angle of view as what I used when shooting APS-C. The 10.5mm Nikkor is my most used APS-C lens under water whereas for full frame the 8-15mm EF L lens is my most used lens under water. I did not go for Tok with the D2X because of the slow maximum aperture and my need for good AF.


In Topic: switching from autofocus to manual focus underwater?

16 April 2015 - 08:27 PM

One uses the menu to decide which button starts AF. Possibilities vary with camera model. With Seacam housings one should use the * button to start AF separately from the shutter release. The external housing control for this is right under ones right thumb when the housing is held by the grip. Index finger on the trigger. Very ergonomic.

The EOS-M has a menu item where one decides between AF, MF, and, AF + MF. The EOS-M, though, is pretty weird in the camera control department as there are very few non-menu controls.


Yeah, I'm surprised too that the Nauticam design doesn't allow for this. Curious.


Tom, is not possible to make the Canon camera switch between AF/MF through a setting in the Menu? Forgive the ignorance, I've always been a Nikon kinda guy.

In Topic: switching from autofocus to manual focus underwater?

16 April 2015 - 08:19 PM

Hi Tim!

If a given lens has full time manual focusing (FTMF) one can do both AF and MF without having to use a mechanical switch, which is similar to Nikon G lenses with FTMF lenses like the 105VR. The mechanical AF-MF switches are quite different since Nikon has to deal with the legacy screwdriver AF - the switch withdraws the focusing screw into the body as you no doubt know. Canon has some non-FTMF that are useful for UW photo such as the 50mm macro. One has to configure that lens for one or the other when setting up the housing. The Nikon 14D lens is similar in that regard. FYI, I have only used my 14D (my #2 lens after the 10.5) in AF mode.

Hmm, yeah, sorry Kyle, I can be of no help there - but Tom knows his Canon stuff (hi Tom!) and may be able to offer some help - as do of course tons of other Canonites on this site. Isn't Gudge's workaround a way of doing this?


Odd though I would have thought if there is no other way of doing it short of mechanical. 

In Topic: switching from autofocus to manual focus underwater?

15 April 2015 - 10:47 PM

There is no Canon camera body counterpart to the MF-AF  switch found on Nikon camera bodies. Instead, EF lenses have an AF-MF switch on the lens itself - a fundamental difference between Nikon and Canon. I have both so I know.


Hey Kyle


I can switch from AF to MF on my system: a Nikon D800 with Subal housing. I do it quite a bit when using the Nikkor 105mm lens and the Subal flat port designed specifically for that lens. A switch on the housing flips the camera between AF and MF - and then a control dial on the port allows the lens to be focussed manually.  It works a treat.


If I can I use AF but for a variety of reasons, (low light, convergence of subject and background, low contrast) I might switch to MF.


The 105VR port was kinda pricey but I'm really glad I have the option.


I very rarely use MF with any other lens/port combination.