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In Topic: Indoor pool portrait lighting

13 January 2012 - 01:22 AM

Unfortunately the contract between the baby swim company and the parents prevent me from sending you the images, they are the same as the urchin rock ones......... Just better :B): these strobes definatly give enough light. There is another company in the uk called water babies who may be able to assist. Also if you google Martin edge, he does baby splashers which is also underwater baby photos.

Thank You :)

In Topic: Indoor pool portrait lighting

09 January 2012 - 12:51 AM

I do this baby photography, and use 2x INON Z240 strobes. I don't have additional lighting but admit it would be nice though not essential. I also use a Tokina 10-17 lens.
Trial and error will get you there. Hope this helps

Hi, Caroline, can You send some example of your photo UW with these two strobes, just to see if its enough to me?
Would be very grateful.

In Topic: Indoor pool portrait lighting

06 January 2012 - 03:42 AM

Hi Bebe,
You really need to talk to someone about underwater strobes.

Using anything pool side has a potential for a disaster if it's not designed for that environment and chances are nothing will be powerful enough anyway.

Positioning the strobes is also critical (as you have discovered) otherwise you will pick up water particles in your pictures.

Speak to Steve at Ocean Optics in Basildon, he can put you onto someone who will help you.

Get a copy of Martin Edges book on underwater photography, although it covers lots more about diving photography, you'll be able to pick up some valuable tips.

Hope this helps?


Hi, Graggs,
thank You for Your advices, I really have to think about underwater strobes, combining with my canon 580 speedlight, which has it's separate UW box (maybe using speedlite as fill light).
You are right, outside pool lights are not safe enough, though, as I have read that Zena Holloway is using outside pool lights.
About the strobes : I am thinking about Sea&Sea YS 110a, is it strong enough?
Maybe to use UW torch for additional light? The result I want is like www.urchinrock.com/, I think they are using both : UW Strobe and one strobe outside the pool.
As I am in Lithuania, I can't speak to Steve, unless he has e-mail.

In Topic: Underwater portrait lighting

03 January 2012 - 10:09 AM


I am also interested in indoor pool portrait lighting, I am trying to shoot babies in the indoor pool, I have used 4000 led UW constant light for the first time (I have borrowed) but it wasn't enough light, it wasn't enough sharp.
Next time I have used Multi blitz outside the pool and my Speedlite 580 inside, but the result was even worst, the little particles were seen, and still no sharpness and clarity...
I want to buy some lighting equipment for my UW photography, but still don't know what is the best? there is a possibility to buy UW strobe, and two multi blitz heads outside the pool, or it is better to buy two constant lamps from outside the pool and I have speedlite already for underwater light?
Also I have question about post processing , is there any tricks or tips for UW photography post processing? I am working with Aperture 3, maybe there is some presets?

Thanks in advance