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Indoor pool portrait lighting

05 January 2012 - 01:18 PM


I am also interested in indoor pool portrait lighting, I am trying to shoot babies in the indoor pool, I have used 4000 led UW constant light for the first time (I have borrowed) but it wasn't enough light, it wasn't enough sharp.
Next time I have used Multi blitz outside the pool and my Speedlite 580 inside, but the result was even worst, the little particles were seen, and still no sharpness and clarity...
I want to buy some lighting equipment for my UW photography, but still don't know what is the best? there is a possibility to buy UW strobe, and two multi blitz heads outside the pool, or it is better to buy two constant lamps from outside the pool and I have speedlite already for underwater light?
Also I have question about post processing , is there any tricks or tips for UW photography post processing? I am working with Aperture 3, maybe there is some presets?

Thanks in advance