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Olympus E-PL2 or E-PL3 and S&S or Ikelite strobes

03 January 2012 - 11:12 PM

I'm looking to upgrade from my Olympus C-770UZ and have decided to go with either the E-PL2 or E-PL3. My hold out on the E-PL3 (besides price) is the fact that it doesn't have a built-in flash. I don't understand how the camera would work in an underwater housing without a built-in flash to set off the external strobe. And, outside of underwater diving, why would I want a camera without a flash. Seems strange that it doesn't exist on the E-PL3 but does on the older models. Am I completely missing something?

Also, I've historically had the Ikelite DS-50 and then DS-51. However, my Ikelite DS-51 just recently flooded and died. So, I'm also in the need for a new strobe. Everything I seem to find related to the Olympus E-PL2 or E-PL3 models have S&S strobes. I've read reviews on both Ike & S&S and don't think it makes much of a difference between the two of them. Not sure why I haven't found many E-PL2/3 systems mentioned with Ikelite strobes. Again, unless I'm missing something. I would like to move up to a dual strobe unit and am assuming I should be happy with two YS-01 strobes (since I've historically only had a single DS-50/1 strobe) should I choose S&S over Ikelite. Any thoughts on Ikelite vs S&S strobe for the E-PL2/3? Any thoughts on whether two YS-01 strobes would be similar to me upgrading to two DS-51 strobes, which is what I would have done before reading about the many S&S strobes w/ the E-PL2/3s.

The last piece I'm confused about is strobe triggering with the E-PL2/3 housings. I currently set the strobe in the TTL full-power setting and use an Ikelite EV controller (manual exposure controller) that is triggered by a slave sensor (I do not have or use a sync cord). Am I correct in my assumption that I would not be able to use the slave sensor feature on the PT-EP05L or PT-EP03 housings? And that if I switched to S&S, my Ikelite EV controller would no longer work? Does S&S even offer similar technology that would work on the set up that I'm suggesting? What are the pros/cons of leaving this EV controller out of my set-up as I've never shot w/o it before and don't really know what it does or doesn't do for me.