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DSLR for a beginner?

04 January 2012 - 12:42 PM

Hello all,

I've had my Nikon D200 for years (for above water photography) and am looking to upgrade to a newer model within the next year or so. I'm wondering whether, at my stage as a noobie (both as a diver and an u/w photographer), I should buy a housing for my D200 so that it still has a purpose after I upgrade or should I buy something smaller and cheaper.

Argument for/against D200:
  • Better pics?
  • I'd rather not see the D200 go to waste when I upgrade
  • ISO performance doesn't seem as good as newer generations - considering the low-light nature of u/w photography, is this a problem?
  • Faster focus/shutter speed
  • Housing itself is probably more expensive than digicam housing+strobe
  • Bulky (I like to travel to dive destinations)
  • Since flooding seems inevitable, the case would go to waste once the D200 is flooded since I doubt I'd buy another D200 to replace it
Argument for/against digicam (looking specifically at the LX5, XZ1, or EPL3 based on what I read on these forums):
  • Simpler setup/equipment for a beginner
  • Easier to physically manage due to smaller size
  • Cheaper
  • Maybe not much room for growth as an u/w photographer?
I'm a beginner diver (just got certified with a whopping 7 dives under my weight belt) and have only used underwater p/s which I've borrowed from dive centers. I won't be diving as often as many of you - probably no more than 3-4 dive trips per year. My goals for photos are .. a little bit of everything I guess. I'll make a trip to see whale sharks so I suppose wide angles are a must. Macro? not sure yet. Action? If I see any, definitely! I would very much like to take pictures of wrecks as well. Cost is always a concern and I'd prefer to stay under $1000 USD, but I'm flexible up to around $1500-$2000 if necessary. Any input regarding what I should do in my particular situation? Thanks for all the useful info so far!