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In Topic: Light Field Cameras

15 March 2012 - 09:54 PM

Got my 8 GB Lytro last week, and have been running around shooting random people/objects with it. Pretty cool technology, and it's been a lot of fun looking for opportunities to create more interesting photos with depth. The camera itself feels very solid and well made.

I'm definitely curious what it could do underwater, thought it does require a lot of light.

Lytro Sample photos

In Topic: Thoughts on Sony Nex 5n & Recsea Housing

15 March 2012 - 07:38 PM

shutter speed you can change via the wheel, and I switch to aperture by just pushing the down direction once on the wheel toggle, and then turn the wheel to adjust.

For ISO, I programmed in the Right side of wheel soft key so that I could change it quickly if needed.

Not sure about the rectilinear lens and the dome however. Hopefully someone else will pipe in on that!


That control wheel on the back and other controls looks reassuring for ergonomics . How do you go about in manual mode changing aperture and shutter (and ISO)

Fisheye looks great, would the rectilinear add on lens work as well in the same dome do you recon? (or anyone)


In Topic: Sony NEX-5N housings

28 February 2012 - 12:29 AM

Hey rwe,

I just recently upgraded to the Nex 5n in the Recsea housing + ports, and have a few sets of dives under my belt now with the set up. I really like the Recsea housing (I had their Canon s90 housing as well), and they are just rock solid in terms of construction. The housing plus camera is very compact, moreso than I expected which I like since it means I can keep the same tray/handle set up I was using before. :lol:

I have the dome port for the 16mm WA+fisheye, and the 18-55MM port. Both have secure o-rings and lock firmly into place on the housing, yet can be swapped out when you change lenses fairly easily. The housing also has a screw on strobe mask with pre-drilled holes for fiber optic strobe cables.

It also has full access to the Nex 5n control wheel and buttons, flash on/off & zoom (a must on my list), so using the camera in the housing is virtually exactly the same user interface as when the camera is out of the housing.

Since the 30MM macro lens seems to have limited utility based on the reviews I read here, I've decided to wait to see if Sony or another manufacturer produces a macro lens with a longer focal length before I invest. In the meantime, I also the 67mm adapter that snaps onto the 18-55mm port so I can use my stacked macro wet lenses with it. I keep the lenses screwed into the adapter in a neoprene pouch on my BCD, so I can just quickly snap it on when diving with the 18-55 lens if I come across a good macro subject.

All in all, I'm very happy with the camera and housing. Just looking forward to getting in more dives with it, and continuing to improve!

In Topic: Which mirrorless system for UW..e-pl3 vs gf2 vs sony nex-5n?

27 February 2012 - 10:10 PM

Hey Nitro, I use two strobes. Didn't have them dialed in correctly for the first time out power-wise, but it was definitely necessary to have two to get coverage with the fisheye lens on the camera.

Hey cheetoh, you use one or two strobes?

In Topic: Light Field Cameras

14 February 2012 - 02:35 PM

I have one on pre-order and am scheduled for the Feb/March shipping window....we are supposedly going to be notified 1-2 weeks before it actually ships. Has there been any more news on UW housings for the Lytro? Haven't been able to find any new news...