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Maldives Kuredu in May -15

29 December 2014 - 03:26 PM

My wife and I are going to Kuredu in May for our 15 yrs anniversary. So it will not be an all out divephoto trip. I can only bring a limited selection of photo gear (lenses), so is Kuredu and nearby divesites mostly wideangle dives or should I bring a 100 mm macro ? Lensoptions are (for 5D3) Sigma 15, tokina 10-17, Canon 16-35/4L, 100mm macro. I will most likely need to limit myself to 2 lenses (+some surface photolenses).


Thanks, Johan

Dome reflection ?

12 November 2014 - 09:40 AM



I was trying to get some ½ and ½ photos of a wreck and the surface scenery. I hit the obvious problem with not enough visibility and light. But also a reflection from something in the underwater part? I used a 8 " ikelite dome with shade, 2 S&S YS-D1:s, a tokina 10-17 on a crop body. The strobes were behind the dome. I noticed the same problem in some normal shots too , but it was much less obvious and easy to edit out.


Here's the example:




Bad positioning of strobes ? Is this common for the setup or am I just doing something wrong ?



Question for Canon 8-15mm fisheye users

01 October 2014 - 04:39 AM

Hi !


I'm thinking about getting a Canon 8-15mm or Sigma 15 mm/2.8 fisheye. My question for 8-15 users is, what is your most used focal length on it ? Is it always 15 mm ? The Sigma seems like a nice lens and half the price...