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07 January 2012 - 04:00 PM

Hi I'm Jose from UK.

I've been diving for about 2 years and am interested in UW photography as a beginner. I started out late 2010 with a P&S (no strobes, nothing!) and despite my really basic equipment (FUJI F50FD) managed to take a couple of pics and vids that I liked in terms of subject and style. Clearly, I have much to learn though and since I am diving again in March have changed to a Canon G9 (so I can take snaps in RAW) and will take a strobe. I'll post to another thread soon as I could really do with some advise of how to get the most most from my limited equipment and how to find good quality, 2nd hand gear - especially Ikelite housing for the G9 - which is proving difficult.

Anyways, love this forum and looking forward to contributing as well as getting some help :B):