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In Topic: Sola 800 vs. I-Torch Video Pro 4

04 February 2012 - 03:23 PM

Thanks so much for that jack it's nice to have an objective input to help me (and undoubtedly anyone else in the future with this dilemma if they read this !)The price difference really does push towards the itorch especially in the uk 425 for the sola800 vs 225 for the video pro 3! It almost puts the video pro 4 as the direct competitor to the sola800! Similarly the video pro 3 is more comparitive to the sola 500. Not direct comparisons really and makes you think hard about going for the solas.Personally I think I'll discount the video mini as the twist bezel switch is a definate weak point for leaks and ease of use as you mentioned. Even looking at purchasing from the US and factoring in taxes and postage doesnt save mych. Either way it leaves me the choice of 800vsvid4 or 500vsvid3. Looks like I'll have to discuss with the holder of the credit card ;-) .... After all I guarantee she'll use it more than me ..... Sounds like a good selling point now I think about itAnyways thanks for the comparison it's much appreciatedMooseman

i had the video pro 3 the build quality was great but ended up selling it as the battery life was terrible it would be lucky to last 1 dive at full power and that was not using it the whole dive, by the middle of the secound dive it was useless i wonder how good the video pro 4 are with only 2 batterys as the video pro 3 had 4batterys ,i ended up buying the sola 800 and happy with it so far only had a chance to use it for 1 dive but had it on high most of the dive and still had more then halve the battery life left they say it reachs its best results after a few chargings,i have many fellow photoghahers with the sola 600 and 800 all seem happy with there purchase,good luck with your focus light which ever you get

In Topic: Sola 800 vs. I-Torch Video Pro 4

16 January 2012 - 01:26 AM

I am considering getting either the Sola 800 or an I-Torch Video Pro 4 and am wondering if any of you have compared the two, used them, etc.

I anticipate either would be more than sufficiently bright for my needs. In fact I suspect they would be used on their lower settings almost exclusively.

I am not concerned about the price difference between them. I realize the Sola is sealed and how that might be a benefit.

One thing that concerns me about the ITorch is that it appears one has to cycle through all of the output selections when going from red to white or dim to bright, and I am not sure if I like that. I cannot tell how the cycling works on the Sola.

I recall reading of a variety of battery-related issues on the Sola 600 and want a hassle-free light. Can anyone provide input on battery issues for the 800?

I travel to dive and typically take short trips. There would be no opportunity for repair/replacement of the light while on a trip.

I would only have this focus light and an additional emergency backup focus light, so having the light fail on a dive trip would not be a happy occurrence.

It appears the beam angle and edge charactereistics have been improved on the I-Torch as compared to its predecessor.

Any input would be appreciated.

the power consumption would want to be better on the video pro 4 then the video pro 3 as it would only last one dive

In Topic: replacing standard arms with new ultralight buoyancy arms ... yes or no

10 January 2012 - 11:19 PM

i have the stix floats and love them if you get the stix arms you can take the ball of one end and and slide them on