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In Topic: A few D850 Shots from Fiji

Today, 10:12 AM



Nicely done. Very nice images, indeed!


Any massive UW difference over D800 or D810 in your opinion?



In Topic: FS: Nauticam-Seacam port adapter

10 January 2018 - 08:37 AM



Thanks for looking



In Topic: FS: Nauticam-Seacam port adapter

09 January 2018 - 07:36 PM

Sale Pending...

In Topic: Best wide angle lens for Nikon D850 in Nauticam housing

08 January 2018 - 04:51 PM

One other thought...
I have some experience with the Nikonos RS 20-35mm Seacam conversion. Initially, it had it's detractors who didn't feel it was that useful. 20mm was just not wide enough. (Stephen Frink seemed to do OK with it in the '90's:))
There is some truth in that, but for the right subjects, I was very happy with the results. The small(ish) form factor and razor sharp corners were excellent. Also, unlike the 13mm RS conversion, the original lens is NOT selling for $3500+ USD. It is much more "affordable" than it's upscale cousin.
Of course, this also assumes a Seacam housing. The zoom gear is integral with the lens, and despite numerous attempts, I was not able to make it work in a Nauticam housing, which the 13mm will. 
So, now I have a Seacam housing...
I have now pared my UW lens collection down to the Nikonos RS 13mm, RS 20-35mm, Nikonos 15mm on Sony, and Nikon 105G for macro. The only thing I can't do is under/overs.
I am completely satisfied with my setup. Now, if I were just a better photographer...

In Topic: For Sale: Seacam S180 Magnifying Viewfinder

23 December 2017 - 05:49 PM

Thanks to all interested parties...


The viewfinder is SOLD:))


Thanks Bernie!