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For Sale: Seacam S180 Magnifying Viewfinder

11 September 2017 - 05:01 PM

Hello All,


Up for sale is a very nice Seacam S180 Magnifying viewfinder.


In excellent shape with only minimal scuffing of the metal body. Few scratches on the outer part of the Delrin eyepiece adjustment.


Inner barrel accessible for diopter adjustment.


Glass is pristine front and back.


Includes Seacam neoprene pouch, protection cap.


From Seacam's Website:


"The SEACAM S180 Sportsfinder has a straight view, is light intensive and brilliant like the S45 Sports- finder. With a triple viewfinder image enlargement and a diopter adjustment of +/- 3 this viewfinder is ideal for a quick and precise aiming. This viewfinder is also rotatable and can thus be positioned almost in the camera´s optical axis.


100% image field with a triple viewfinder image enlargement."


$650 USD


Located in Vernon BC, Canada




Thanks for looking.



Nikon D850 in D810 or D800 housings: Compatibility check

24 August 2017 - 07:15 AM

Great news! "The Beast" has been announced. 


Clearly early days, but I would offer the following published dimensions for consideration:


D850     146 x 124 x 78.5mm

D800     146 x 123 x 81.5mm

D810     146 x 123 x 82mm



Obviously, there are many other very detailed considerations regarding functionality, but at least, it looks like the D850 MIGHT FIT in existing housings. That's a start:)


The thickness of the body might be the most important dimension, given the new touch screen and ability to latch the housing, and in this regard, we might be in luck. The prism looks lower than the old pop-up flash of the older generations.


Time will tell and fingers crossed.


Any smarter people want to weigh in?



For Sale; Pair of YS-D1 Strobes

06 August 2017 - 07:19 PM

Hello All,


Up for sale is a nice pair of Sea and Sea YS-D1 Strobes


Both are in excellent condition with approximately 40 dives in tropical water


Never flooded, well maintained.


No scratches. Always dove in thin neoprene jacket with diffusers on the front. Optically triggered.


Includes all original items except the box.


$800 USD for the pair


Photos and more info on request.




Located in Vernon BC Canada


Attached File  IMG_2164.JPG   132.32KB   27 downloadsAttached File  IMG_2163.JPG   137.19KB   27 downloadsAttached File  IMG_2166.JPG   101.95KB   27 downloadsAttached File  IMG_2167.JPG   120.96KB   27 downloads

For Sale: Nauticam ND800 V2, Subal Type 3 and Nikonos

24 July 2017 - 05:33 PM

Greetings all!


Up for sale is my trusty Nauticam ND800 V2 accessories, Subal Type 3 Macro ports, accessories and Nikonos odds and ends.


If interested, contact me for more info or pictures. Items are in top condition, well maintained, and never flooded



Vernon BC Canada




Nauticam                                                                 Condition                                Status


Nauticam ND800 V2 Housing       $2000                 9.5/10                                     

Nauticam 45 degree viewfinder    $900                   10/10                                      

Nauticam D800 Flash Trigger       $175                   10/10                                      

Nauticam Macro Port Nikon 105G$375                   9.5/10, glass perfect              

Nauticam Port Adapter, Subal T3 $175                   10/10, 9/10                             

Nauticam Port Adapter, Seacam  $200                   10/10




MacroPort 90, Type 3                   $250                   10/10

MacroPort  120, Type 3                $275                    9/10, glass perfect

Port Extension, 33mm Type 3       $150                   10/10

Port Extension, 40mm Type 3       $150                   10/10

Zoom Gear Nikon 20-35 2.8          $75                     10/10




SB 105 x 2                                     $50 ea                9.5/10, 9.5/10

Nikonos Cable x 2                         $75 ea                10/10

Nikonos Cable, Dual                      $100                   10/10

Nikonos RS 13mm Fisheye R-UW. Holy Grail!

17 May 2017 - 02:14 PM

For sale is an extremely rare Nikonos R-UW 13mm Fisheye. Serial Number 500628.


This lens is in excellent condition. The glass is near pristine front and back. There are no marks on the glass I am able to photograph.


No evidence of fungus or lens separation of any kind. I cannot see any dust inside the lens.


The rear lens mount is perfect with no brassing. The O ring and groove are perfect. All electrical contacts are clean. Rear filter perfect. Iris lever moves smoothly.


Front and rear caps are in excellent condition. I do not have an RS body to test, but the LED on the distance scale illuminates when mounted on my D810 body and good images are obtained. (These are slightly out of focus as this is a dedicated UW optic.)


This lens can be modified by Harald Hordosch at Seacam to work with modern cameras and housings. I have one modified that I use with a Nauticam ND800 housing with a Nauticam-Seacam port adapter. This works perfectly. Or it can be used with Seacam housings.


Alternatively Andrej Belic will convert the lens electronically with a housing adapter, which does not split the lens into two components. Gates underwater housings will allow adaptation to some its housings.


It can be used natively with Nikonos RS SLR bodies.


Unfortunately I cannot attest to waterproofness as is, but see no issues to suggest it is not. There are some superficial scuffs on the lens shade and a few scratches of the body paint. I would rate this lens a solid 9.5.


Additional photos on request.


Contact: ianmarsh@icloud.com  


Located in Vernon, BC, Canada


$2500 USD, shipping included