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Nikonos RS 13mm Fisheye R-UW. Holy Grail!

17 May 2017 - 02:14 PM

For sale is an extremely rare Nikonos R-UW 13mm Fisheye. Serial Number 500628.


This lens is in excellent condition. The glass is near pristine front and back. There are no marks on the glass I am able to photograph.


No evidence of fungus or lens separation of any kind. I cannot see any dust inside the lens.


The rear lens mount is perfect with no brassing. The O ring and groove are perfect. All electrical contacts are clean. Rear filter perfect. Iris lever moves smoothly.


Front and rear caps are in excellent condition. I do not have an RS body to test, but the LED on the distance scale illuminates when mounted on my D810 body and good images are obtained. (These are slightly out of focus as this is a dedicated UW optic.)


This lens can be modified by Harald Hordosch at Seacam to work with modern cameras and housings. I have one modified that I use with a Nauticam ND800 housing with a Nauticam-Seacam port adapter. This works perfectly. Or it can be used with Seacam housings.


Alternatively Andrej Belic will convert the lens electronically with a housing adapter, which does not split the lens into two components. Gates underwater housings will allow adaptation to some its housings.


It can be used natively with Nikonos RS SLR bodies.


Unfortunately I cannot attest to waterproofness as is, but see no issues to suggest it is not. There are some superficial scuffs on the lens shade and a few scratches of the body paint. I would rate this lens a solid 9.5.


Additional photos on request.


Contact: ianmarsh@icloud.com  


Located in Vernon, BC, Canada


$2500 USD, shipping included



FS: Nikonos RS R-UW 20-35mm f/2.8

01 November 2016 - 01:05 PM

Nikonos RS 20-35mm f/2.8 Zoom, $500 plus shipping


In good overall condition. The lens has lots of internal dust, zoom operates smoothly. LED in focus window lights up when mounted on D810.


Lens mount is in excellent shape. Front glass has some very subtle marks, unlikely to be a problem in contact with water. Rear glass is perfect.


I have no RS body to test with, but does take images in air at infinity, at f/22. (Remember, this lens is water corrected and will only focus sharply in water.)


I have no way of confirming waterproof status as is.


Lens caps are functional.


These are getting harder to find by the day, especially at a reasonable price.


This lens would be an ideal candidate for SEACAM conversion. The interior dust would be cleaned out during the remanufacturing process.

It could also be serviced and used intact with a Gates adapter for cinema work.




As an aside, I recently converted my Nikonos RS 13mm through SEACAM. The service was excellent and the final product stellar. I am using it on a Nauticam ND810 housing with a Nauticam/Seacam port adapter. It works great!