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In Topic: Dear Manufacturers, please heed our pleas (Wishlist 2.0)

03 December 2012 - 04:44 AM

Hi Drew

I've just said this on another post a few minutes ago as I saw the Ninja which records clean HDMI output at a trade show some months back. DSLR filmmaking is really a common thing topside and has been for years with the Canon 5D mk2. All small indie filmmakers I know use DSLR for shooting footage and hire in larger cameras if need be; the DSLR offers affordable options depending on the final outcome requirements (such as where it will be presented), so is an entirely relevant thing to do underwater also which requires just a few forward-thinking adjustments to DSLR housings.

So specifically for underwater housings and to add to this list (and I'm sure it has been discussed here many times but I'm new so forgive me) is the utmost need for housings to have both a manual focus and an external monitor (which the Ninja could double as) for U/W DSLR filmmaking!!! I bought a Hugyfot housing for my Canon 5D mk 2 in April, both a monitor housing and a manual focus were promised at the time of purchase as I had stated them as required and necessary elements to what I do...I am still waiting on the manual focus and do not wish to go into the money-pit debacle that was the monitor housing. So please Hugyfot, listen to your customers and stop dragging your heels and playing catch up to Aquatica, and at least give us a manual focus!

In Topic: Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern Alpha 3 firmware

03 December 2012 - 04:06 AM

Hi Drew

I'd taken my eye off the ball with Magic Lantern for a bit (use Canon 5D Mk2 for film), and was interested in the increased bitrates that ML offered but frustrated at the lack of clean HDMI output that didnt need realtered size-wise in post. So does this mean that there is really clean HDMI output for both models (Mk 2 and 3)? Loved the little Ninja/Samuri device to record topside the output (prores 4:2:2) that I saw at a trade show, but are there as yet any developments to combine this type of recording device as a monitor for use with U/W housings and if so, have you any pointers?

Canon should feel the heat over clean HDMI output...


In Topic: Focus with Canon 5d Mark ii

16 January 2012 - 09:00 AM

Hi, I'm only starting to understand my 5D mk2 and have still not got a housing (infact this is my first post and will be asking a lens question very soon!). However I borrowed an Ikelite housing from a professional photographer friend who was looking over my camera. He suggested I change the focussing points from multiple to central... it so happens I was having focussing problems with stills and a 50mm lens (I only use manual focus topside with video). I am not technical, so cannot relay his technical explanation here, but can only liken the focusing points to dynamic range, in that the multiple focusing points create shallower more compromised angles between the points, whereas the single one is the strongest. I took the camera and the housing in for a test dive on Christmas eve in a dark Scottish loch, my old L&M HID lights with a Sigma 14mm and got clear in focus video and stills using the AF-on button for focus before shooting...if that camera can handle a newbie user with an unfamiliar housing, old lights and dark lochs then I would suggest use the central focus selection!

Sorry should also add that the AF-on focus button uses contrast to focus? Just a thought at why using multiple points specifically for U/W might not be a good idea (I'm asking myself this too!) Thanks