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Underwater photography - The professionals

23 August 2012 - 09:37 PM

I see (with undisguised envy) that there are a lot of great photographers on this site who travel extensively and have invested enough money in having the most up to date gear that they could have bought a house instead! There is often the mention of "professional level" equipment, and the requirement for massive resolution and detail in photos.

From this I can only assume that at least a few of the photographers on here must make a living from underwater photography. My question, put simply, is how?

I understand that stock agencies will sell license to your work, and that dive magazines will pay for articles, and in some instances you could hook up with an advertising agency which requires your special skills and knowledge to do a shoot looking for a specific shot.

What other methods are people using to eek out a living from their passion and skills? Is anyone able to put an estimate on the number of u/w photographers who don't require a second job?

I'm merely curious, not considering a career change Posted Image I don't have the equipment, talent, money or time to make the change.

I imagine that back in the film/slide age it was probably easier to be a professional, as the market wasn't flooded with amatuer images. I know this is the case for friends who are surf photographers.