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NLE Software

02 August 2013 - 03:28 AM

I know that this has previously been discussed, but since software is constantly evolving, I thought that maybe it would be time to ask again.


I have been using Pinnacle 14 Ultimate on a Windows XP machine for a long time, and have actually been fairly happy with it.  Although it can be a little slow, with the Ultimate package and a couple of add-ins, it has plenty of tools for my use.  However, I just upgraded my computer to a Windows 7 machine with much more processing power with the aim of buying the current version of Pinnacle (version16 Ultimate), however perhaps it is time to look at other packages.  One that has caught my eye is Corel VideoStudio X6.  It seems to be getting good reviews, and seems to have a nice package of editing tools.  I use and like Corel's WordPerfect, and Quattro Pro, so I am comfortable with their user interface, and the price is quite reasonable.


Any thoughts on these programs, or others that I should look at?  For what its worth, anything made by Apple is right out of the picture; I can't abide their user interface at all, so no point in going there.  If it helps, I am mostly shooting for my own pleasure and for the folks that are on trips with me, and occasionally to make training films for our dive team.


Thanks for the advice.