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22 September 2016 - 03:37 AM

I pretty much exclusively shoot video, since when I go on dive trips, I am usually traveling with some excellent still photographers.  I currently shoot with a Canon Vixia HF-S30 in a Light and Motion housing with two Sola 2000 lights.  I am not unhappy with this rig, but it is getting to be several years old now, and technology has marched on.  Since i don't have another dive trip planned until February, I've been thinking about possible upgrades.


If it were you, would you upgrade the camera and housing to something newer, or add an external monitor/recorder?  If you would upgrade the camera, would you go with a DSLR, or a camcorder (Canon, Black Magic, or something else)?  Given that I am used to having autofocus, and auto-follow focus in my current camcorder, that is a pretty big plus to me, and a reason not to go with a DSLR.  Oh, and I already have a Nikon D7100 that I use for topside photos.


Anyway, just wondering what some of you with more experience (trickster, Nike Hope, TimG) might suggest as being the most useful upgrade?  Budget is, of course, of some concern.  I can't afford a Red or anything like that.  I hope that makes sense.