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In Topic: For sale: 2 Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes

19 July 2012 - 06:05 PM

Also interested for one only.
Do you have the fiber optic cable ?

In Topic: UW video from hacked Panasonic GH2

07 June 2012 - 07:35 AM

Very nice and peaceful video. Amazing 2:29 / 2:30 critter shots.

Dont know about the shark police, there seems to be more pixel police ;-) When you get great/smooth/cool critter video, I'm still not sure of the need for such a high datarate and powerful hacks. Does it really bring to the table compared to the stock GH2 firmware!!

Also liked the "Wendy and the seadragon" video.

In Topic: Best editing software for a MAC...

17 May 2012 - 02:35 PM

Hi Greg,

Transitioning to MAc, imovie is a fantastic tool to edit some family stuff and upload a 5min video on youtube after spending less than an hour on editing (I did many diving day trips, coming back home, and finsihing the video in 45min while gear was in the rince bucket). As mentioned, it's there so you can play with it. I really like it and because it is so easy to use, everyone at home can do it without being a NLE geek.
But it degrades quality when importing and exporting (both way I think), and has lots of limitations.

Like iphoto and some other Mac stuff, it takes a while to get use to, but then, after a while, getting in front of a PC .... Not sure how Edius or Vegas can handle your itunes music and iphotos libraries.

I'm also new on more advanced editing software, so far I like FCPX, because it looks like imovie, but i'm curious about CS6 and have downloaded the trial material. If it ends up being faster in getting and manipulating files, then I might get it (need to find a student too ... oh wait, I think I have one at home...). Indeed, I dont like the clipwrap import process and having to deal with .mov and .mts. But my Mac may not do well directly playing mts files, so will need to stick to FCPX, or buy a new MAC (which is hard to justify because even after almost 3 years, it runs almost same way as when new, and no need to resintall and clean it every 3 months ;-)

If you try CS6, I'd be curious to hear about the performance you get and with which HW config!

Hey Greg,
Email me, I am in San Diego and can get you past the first steps with FCPX via iChat where you can take over my computer or visa versa. It really is easy, you just need the first steps.

Hum, I'm tempted too ! Can we do that over a dive trip in SD ? ;-)

Cyrille (from Irvine...)

In Topic: GH2 Hack

10 May 2012 - 08:26 PM

Not a stupid question at all. For a long time I used 3 Sola 1200s. Now i use 2 Sola 4000s but mainly because of the longer battery life and the ability to do sunlit fill.

The advantage of 3 x 60 degree lights is you can have the middle light aimed slightly lower, keeping an even light coverage as you truck unto a subject.

Three lights has one other advantage, you can have a light fail and still keep shooting most MS and CU shots.


Thank you! I may go this path indeed. How buoyant are the 4000 are really ?

If you mean HDVdiver...I always use two LED 4000 lumen lights of my own design. With a beam angle of 120 degrees they easily cover the FOV of the 7-14mm.

sorry for the mispelling and yes, I'm also looking at your ligths...

In Topic: New CarboLed 5000 & 8000 Lumen and Onda Led video lights

09 May 2012 - 09:31 AM

Thanks. These looks like great video ligths.
A little expensive though. Especially in Euro...
We really need the ECB to act and drive the euro down to boost the export ;-)

Note that our spanish friends from Mangrove are distributing in the US with a more aligned $ market price tag.

So anyway, what is the solution for the best video system for the GH2 and wide angle !?