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In Topic: For those who have vacuum sealed housings, do you still buy insurance?

06 November 2013 - 03:49 PM

A vacuum system is prevention. Insurance is for recovery.


Insurance is a balance of cost against the real loss from a flood. When I was shooting film I found the cost of insurance for a year was nearly that of a camera body and lens. So I started going without insurance. I still don't carry flood insrance. I do carry theft insurance on my camera equipment.

In Topic: UCLS arms with YS-250

05 November 2013 - 05:22 PM

I started out folding each arm across the top of the camera and then back, placing the strobe just outside of the handle. It carried well, but everything was a bit heavy it it was a long walk to the boat.


Then I went to a short piece of rope running through a small PVC pipe with a brass clip on each end hooked to the first segment of each arm.. This handle allows the camera to be carried and handed to others without having them grab the wrong bit. This configuration has the first segment oiting up withe the next segment going down to the strobe.


The last addition was a clip on shoulder strap that I attach to the homemade handle clips. I use this carrying the camera from a shoulder on any long walks. It makes the camera a lot easier to carry and I remove the strap before getting wet.


As you see there are a lot of different configurations that can be used. You just need to assemble the camera and carry it around to see what will work for you.

In Topic: UCLS arms with YS-250

02 November 2013 - 09:45 AM

Supporting the light in the water is a lot easier than above water. Once you're underwater you don't tighten the joints near the level you are doing now.

In Topic: Housing rinsing techniques

02 November 2013 - 09:40 AM

It has been my experience that beside most rinse tanks is the hose used to fill it without a nozzle. I just use the hose and carefully rinse all of the controls and o-ring seals including the strobes. After a trip I will asemble the housing and strobes and soak for a few hours.


Once a year I replace all of the easily replaced o-rings. And send the housing for service after two or three years where everythinhg is replaced.

In Topic: Housing rinsing techniques

03 October 2013 - 10:44 AM

Its a rinse tank, not a soak tank. If there's room in the tank stick it an pull it out. If there's not room take it to the fresh water hose and rinse it. If neither works drape a wet toswel over it to keep it damp. This will help keep salt crystals from forming.


At the end of the day use the camera rinse bucket on the dock for a soak. If there isn't a dedicated camera bucket use the hose for a low pressure rinse. Don't use the a gear bucket, someone may have added chemicals to stop their gear from smelling.


After the trip completely assemble the housing and strobes and soak for a few hours in warm water, then work all of the buttons and store unassembled. This gets everything soaked without exposing any connectors that should be covered.