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5d mark 2 lenses

03 May 2009 - 09:21 AM

Hi all, our house was burglarized last week but chubb was quick to step up to the plate with a check covering all replacement costs. That means i'm on my 3rd acquatica housing (yet to take delivery of this). in replacing my lens army I realized i've only really been using the canon ef 85 1.2L topside and the 15mm fisheye underwater over the past year. the 17-40L was collecting dust and i see little reason to replace it. I just started shooting video yesterday with this new 5d and love that feature over the old model (though it takes forever to upload clips to flickr so probably need to reduce the quality). Long winded point of this thread being, has anyone tried the canon ef 24-105mm lens underwater? I do not see it listed under the aquatica lens chart and was hoping this might be a half decent replacement for the 17-40 for video topside though i've never once tried that lens. FWIW, they don't list the 85 1.2L either on their lens chart and yet i was able to take that beast underwater as an experiment a few times with the old 5d and get some decent shots. i've long since given up on macro photography as it just doesn't interest me and the thieves left me one stupid lens- the 100mm macro of course.

I've never been one to grab the big white lenses either but would appreciate any tips forum members have for video out of the 5d for family shooting which is what most of my top side subject matter is. thanks in advance for any help (i did try searching the forums before posting but got nothing regarding the 24-105 lens).

As a follow up question, now that I've spent the day reading about lenses, I didn't even know about this canon 16-35 f2.8 lens. I've already got the 15mm on order but must presume that the 16-35 works SIGNIFICANTLY better underwater than that old 17-40 given the better sensitivity to light. Again, any thoughts would be appreciated. thx