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In Topic: Your thoughts on I-das arms?

03 November 2014 - 04:16 AM

I've used just about every maker of arms and clamps.  I-das clamps have had durability issues and have damaged the arm balls, however, the arms have been every bit as good as any makers.  I am still using a set with well over 1,000 hours of diving on them...they have some scratches on the balls from the older Idas clamps..but so do some of the ultralight ones.


Historically, it is the clamps that wear out (from every mfg), until the new I-das clamps with Stainless steel inserts...which has solved the galvanic corrosion issue.


I should note that after over 5,000 dives, I have a huge collection of worn out arms, clamps and odd parts for housing.  I-das arms are not one of those.