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Harbor seal fun

22 October 2013 - 07:55 AM

Since there were so many seal pups born this summer at Point Lobos in Carmel, it's been super easy to have seal buddies this year.


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Just a few of my latest

13 March 2013 - 04:05 AM

Just some of my newest photos. I was at Catalina last month and conditions were wonderful. Taken with an Oly E-PL3 w/ kit 14-42mm lens. My gallery site link is in my sig. I've been diving for only a little over 2 years and shooting photos with the Oly for a little over 1 year. Please comment on these or anything in my gallery if you have time.













Sea Birds

13 March 2013 - 03:47 AM

I had forgotten I had taken this photo during the summer last year and and memory card was sitting in a backpack of mine for months before I was going to format it without looking. I think these came out really nicely for just some random shots while walking around one day. I think they have a good 3D pop to them. Taken with an Olympus E-PL3 using the kit 14-42mm lens.








My gallery site is below for anyone that wants to look.