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Sony DSC-TX5 ... What/how to upgrade

26 March 2012 - 09:29 PM

Hello everyone,

Brand new to the forums, found out about this place after attending an AMAZING workshop at Beneath the Sea given by Michel Gilbert!

Ok first let me tell you what I currently have:

Sony DSC-TX5 camera inside a Sony MPK-THJ housing. An that's it....

Been using it for about a year now, and obviously never got anything "spectacular" since not using an external strobe and typically keeping the camera on auto-everything...

So what I'm looking to do is to start to work my way up to some better equipment, however I'd like to do it piece-by-piece so my wallet has time to fill up again between purchases. At this point, my "goal" setup would be like a Nikon d7000 or Canon T3i, matching Ikelite housing, and maybe a pair of Ikelite DS161 strobes. Macro seems to be what I'm mostly interested in now, so I'd have a flat port.

I was thinking about maybe getting the strobe first. My current housing has a standard tripod screw hole on the bottom of it, so I figured I could use the Ikelite 9523.62 tray and if needed, modify it to mount my camera to it with the tripod mount. And then I have a place to put the strobe. (I was originally thinking of getting the 9523.68 that says it has a tripod mount, however it is $50 more, and I think would be rather big for my point and shoot.)

So now here is my problem / question: How to I get the DS 161 to work with my Sony TX5? I would like to do TTL w/ the fiber-optic converter... BUT I don't know if this is even possible with my camera, since I don't see it listed when I look at the different fiber optic cables that are compatible with the Ikelite fiber optic adapter. Does anyone have any ideas on how I would go about this, what parts I would need, and how to set it up?

I figured on the ikelite housing since it seems to be the most affordable one out there. And figured on the DS161 strobe to primarily do stills, but on occasion shoot a little video. I'm open to any suggestions people have, however keep in mind I'm a beginner on a budget, but I want to do it "right" the first time with few "stepping stones" in-between. I'd rather just have a goal setup, and slowly work towards it.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!