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In Topic: Focus problems, 7D, 60mm Macro+Aquatica Minidome

20 December 2014 - 03:18 PM

Dear Doug, 


Yes I use a flat port regularly for both my 60mm and my 100mm, the reason that I want to use the Minidome is that I want to shoot medium sized subjects, and since a flatport increases magnification with 33% through refraction I wont be able to fit "bigger" things in the frame without backing up too far :)


The point of using the 60mm under a dome is to be able to shoot bigger things than you can when shooting behind a flat port.


Best regards, Morten 

In Topic: Favorite dive-sites in New South Wales?

18 December 2014 - 05:49 PM

Fantastic! This forum never disappoints with great local knowledge, thanks Drew and Nigel! 


After doing a lot of research and after reading your advice I decided to leave out Byron Bay as it is a bit far to drive from my base in Sydney, so my plan is as follows: 


1: Narooma 

         -Montague Island (2 days of diving)


2: Sydney

          -Magic Point (2 days)

          -Kurnell (1 day)

          -Bare Island (1day) 


3: Forster 

          -Seal Rocks (2 days of diving)


Now all I need is a couple of good dive-shops, any recommendations? 


Thanks again for your help,

Best regards, Morten

In Topic: Basking Sharks & Pelagic Hebrides, Iceland & Norway Killer Whales

18 December 2014 - 04:41 AM

Hi Shane, 


Looks like you are doing some amazing stuff up there in the north! Another place has now been added to the bucket list!


Unfortunately I presume it is going to be even colder (if possible) than our Nusa Penida dives! :)


Lots of greetings from Bali, 


In Topic: strobes for wreck photo

18 December 2014 - 04:23 AM

Hej Rene, 


Nice to see a fellow Dane on the forum, welcome! :)


If you want to shoot wide-angle wrecks in Denmark you are in for a challenge. I recall some pretty murky waters! :)


I use the z240's and am very happy with them, the light is slightly cold which will give you some beautiful green background colors in Danish waters and the option to shoot with the strobes off camera is great!


A good technique to use for shooting WA in low visibility is close focus wide angle, see the link for more info: http://www.uwphotogr...ngle-underwater


I believe that the ysd1's are a bit more powerful, and if you want to shoot with for example a 10mm fisheye that might come in handy but you would also be fine with the z240's!


Enjoy and hope to see you around on the forums!

Best regards, Morten 

In Topic: Favorite dive-sites in New South Wales?

27 October 2014 - 03:57 PM

Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated! 


Since I will be visiting my sister who lives in Sydney I thought that Magic Point would be a good place to start out as its right around the corner from where she lives, apparently there are quite a few grey nurse sharks around that spot as well? I wall also thinking about Bare island to try and find some seadragons.  


I already thought about hitting Montague Island, Fish-Rock and Julian Rocks. I am not particularly interested in tropical life as I dive every day in Indonesia and get my fair share of tropical fish and critters up here.


I am more interested in the bigger animals that can be seen in subtropical/temperate Australia, my wish list is:

1: Lots of grey nurse sharks :)

2: Weedy sea-dragons (I know they are not really big, but gotta have it on the list)

3: Seals

4: Schooling fish

5: Good visibility


Taking that into consideration, would it still be a good idea to take Julian Rocks and fish-rock into my program or should I stay further south?


I did Jervis Bay 2 years ago with Crest Diving and had a good time with loads of Wobbegongs and some other cool stuff, but no seadragons/seals/sharks.


Thanks again, Morten