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In Topic: Is selling stock images worth the trouble?

27 May 2014 - 08:23 PM

Dear Bill, 


Thank you, I am doing very well and the diving just seems to be getting better and better the longer we stay here :)


I will start looking into it, I might as well try to let the images work a little for me now that I have them.


Just to make sure, what do you mean with writing, you are thinking magazine articles/equipment reviews etc? 


Hope you are both doing well,

all the best from Bali, Morten 

In Topic: Attaching a Subsee +10, 67 mm to a flat dslr flat port without using the subs...

26 May 2014 - 02:40 AM

Dear Tony,


I was recently looking for a way of mounting my diopters on my Aquatica MF macro port and found a bunch of great products, only thing is that I think the prices were a bit steep for such a simple thing.


I actually ending up buying a plastic food container that fits my port, did a bit of cutting, made some holes for air to escape and it works like a charm. The fit is very strong, actually its strong enough that I have no problem walking around with the diopters on my housing on land without worrying about them falling off, and it ended up costing me only 2$ and half an hour of work :)  


Having said that, the adapter from Ikelite is "only" 50$ and it looks like it will do the trick as well ;)


Have fun with the critters!


Best regards, Morten 

In Topic: Diving in Bali, Indonesia

22 March 2014 - 06:54 AM

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it! :) 

In Topic: Bali or Similan Islands?

22 March 2014 - 06:34 AM

Yep, the bleaching did kill of quite a bit of corals in the Similans.


I would go Bali, and I agree with Mikes advice, find an operator who will take you out to places like Gili Selang (Amed) and you will have great soft and hard corals!


Have a look in my previous thread, there is a little 5min video of diving in Bali! :) 

In Topic: Diving in Bali, Indonesia

19 March 2014 - 01:08 AM

Haha, thanks Mike, its nice to have someone understand your headaches! :)


I must say that there has been a lot of crappy shots that I had to delete to get this video together! :)

Especially hard was working with the 100mm since I had to shoot with the aperture wide open to get enough light, which resulted in some pretty darned small DOF :) 


I am not using a filter, I do MWB, normally off the sand or another neutral part of the reef and then I use a custom picture style that trial and error has shown works good. 

It should also be said that I only go out to shoot WA on days where I know that the conditions will be great and I try to plan those days for shallow reefs ;)