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In Topic: Small camera for video and pics

30 September 2015 - 04:38 AM

Hi Babcock, 


Since I never shot with the Vixia HF G20 myself it is hard for me to compare the two, they are completely different machines both capable of producing great quality video when in the hands of the right diver. 


Hope that you find what you are looking for! 




In Topic: Best shore diving around Bali or Area

30 September 2015 - 04:19 AM

Hi Cal,


If you are going to Tulamben then you can't miss Seraya's Secret, just in front of Scuba Seraya, fantastic muck dive, I have dived it very regularly over a period of 5 years and it never disappoints! Bring a 100mm Macro. 


Highlights at Seraya's Secret:

-Harlequin Shrimp

-Tiger Shrimp

-Various tiny frogfish

-Ghost Pipefish

-Both common and Pygmy Seahorses

-Lots of nudies


About 1km further North-west of there in front of a Temple there is another great muck site, the dive-site is called Melasti and since a few years there has been a sign on the side of the street pointing to the entry point. Bring a 60mm Macro. 


Highlights at Melasti:

Giant Frogfish

Rhinopias (they used to be at 32m, straight down from the middle of the small reef past the artificial reef)

Coleman Shrimp

Doto Sp (Donut Nudibranch)

Leaf Scorpionfish

Broadclub cuttlefish

Lots of Ribbon Eels, blue, yellow and black

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Hairy Shrimp


Both divesites are 5min by car south-east of Tulamben, get a good guide to take you there and you will have a great time, enjoy!



In Topic: Small camera for video and pics

29 September 2015 - 09:00 PM

Hi Babcock, 


You might want to have a look at the Canon GX7 and the Sony RX100, they are both small cameras with the option for taking great stills and videos underwater. In the last few years I think it is safe to say that these cameras have been some of the most popular compacts for underwater photography.  


The Canon will have better white balance which is vital for video but if you're a pixel peeper then the Sony RX100 might be a better option for you.

Either way you will have a lot of fun with them and you will be able to make some amazing imagery! 


Equally, or even more important are the lights and diopters, make sure you get some great quality video lights and a top quality diopter (like the nautical CMC) and it will make a world of difference! 


We will be looking forward to seeing some pictures on the forum soon!




In Topic: White balance Underwater

29 September 2015 - 08:49 PM

Dear Dilma, 


Greetings from Indonesia! 


As a few people have mentioned in previous posts it sounds like it is less of an issue with Whitebalance and more of an issue with general settings.

With you camera/strobe setup you will without a doubt be able to take some amazing pictures. 


Which lenses do you usually use? 


For shooting small objects (macro) without the need of having a blue background I would go for these settings:

Whitebalance: Auto

Shutterspeed: 1/250

Aperture: f.16.0 

ISO: 100

Flash: TTL


*Please note that you have to enter manual mode to be able to choose these settings. 


The settings above should give you consistently good macro shots to start out with, now if you are shooting wide-angle then it is a whole different game!  

Let us know how you come along and feel free to post some pictures for us to have a look at! 



Morten Hansen

In Topic: selecting strobe

23 February 2015 - 12:32 AM

+1 for the S&S, maybe you should consider the INON S2000 as well, that a fantastic little strobe. 


Your CanonS110 will fire a flash which is then transferred via a fiberoptical cable to your external strobe. 


Something that you must consider is how much power your strobe will give out. This will depend on which mode you have/use for your strobe.


If your strobe ONLY can be used in manual mode then you will have a hard time shooting with your camera in Auto mode.

Your camera will chose its settings depending on your ambient light, but if you and/or your strobe doesn't know what your camera is doing then you will end up with a lot of over/underexposed images. Not good! 


If you shoot with your camera in auto mode then I would strongly suggest that you get a strobe that can "mimic" the strobe power from your Camera. That way you will get a lot more properly exposed images. This "mimic" feature is called STTL on INON strobes, the S2000 also has it.


Believe me, for a beginner photographer that STTL mode is worth a million bucks!   


If you are comfortable with shooting in manual mode (setting your own shutterspeed, aperture and ISO), then you can of course use a strobe in manual but as I said, STTL makes your life a lot easier! ;)


I hope that helps,

Lots of greetings from Indonesia, Morten