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In Topic: Wanted, housing for canon 5d II or 5d III.

12 April 2014 - 05:11 PM

I have a brand new Ikelite 5D Mk III housing, and all ports (dome, macro), etc.  Please PM me for pricing.  Housing has never been in salt water (car wreck, so only 1 test dive in shop pool where I teach). I shot an Ikelite 5D Mk II for years, and all the ports, etc. are from that.





8" dome port

Macro port

port body

focus estension

port extension (2 of them, for adding teleconverters, etc).


Also have single and double sync chords.

In Topic: Canon 5D mark iii

11 April 2014 - 01:40 AM

I shot the Mk II since it first came out. Nice camera, but not too great of autofocus (especially in low light).


When the Mk III came out, I went and tried one. AWESOME.  The AF points were expanded, the low light ability is fantastic (I love a lot of macro with snoots, and this camera fills the bill).

In Topic: UW photo gear in carry on - any no-no?

18 February 2014 - 07:36 PM

I've had issues traveling with the camera body in the housing. A couple of times they have made me take it apart.  Other issues, as many noted, are tool kits (a 2" mini-screwdriver is a problem, really???).  I travle with quite a few strobes, and they really don't like those. Make sure they will fire.  Waiting for the issues with Li-ion batteries to come up.


As mentioned, above, be sure to tape all ends of loose batteries for dive lights (better yet, buy a rechargeable light). Loose batteries can come into contact with metal and short out.


But I carry all of my high $ gear on with me, keeping within the "volume" measurements. Nothing worse than getting to a city, to go on a live-aboard, and find your gear is missing.  :(   


My family won't even go through security with me anymore, as my carry on is myriad of lenses, wires, strobes, regs, etc., all tightly packed. The biggest nightmare is when they want to "delayer it", and start pulling stuff out of my carefully packed bag.  And it's a real pain if you're traveling through an airport that sees few divers. I'd freak, too, if I was running the scanner, if I say my own stuff and didn't know what it was!!!!

In Topic: How did you flood?

10 February 2014 - 09:50 PM

Sadly, one was a piece of hair.


One was a faulty housing (got a new housing, but not a new $3k camera).


I fully disassemble everything now. Check all o-rings. Clean all grooves. Inspect with lighted magnifier. Regrease.


Always go through rinse/soak process after every dive. NO ONE touches my camera but me. Seen too many bozos with P&S drop camera in a communal barrel. I only dip mine, then wait until I am back to lodging, where I soak it. After an hour, I syringe out (rubber bulb syringe) the buttons, then actuate them. Carefully remove and dry.



As for the comment on housing brand....might be the sheer number they sell (would need a percentage failure rate). No housing is idiot proof. Our dive shop owner has a 6k housing which leaked BRAND NEW.

In Topic: Interesting Reflection

10 February 2014 - 09:36 PM

Yes, take off the filter.


I, too, had similar issues. I went the Sharpie route (didn't work), and now have a piece of an old wetsuit as an "extension" to my hood. Problem solved.