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Wide Angle Lens Advice

01 April 2012 - 03:46 PM

I am sorry for asking a question that has likely been asked, however...

I have a L&L Stingray G2 I bought last year. I love the housing and have had great success with video thus far. I have been looking into adding a Fish Eye type wide angle lens. Seems I need to find something universal? I am not sure. I was hoping that someone here could offer some advice regarding wet lens and other options perhaps point me in an area to look. I dive rebreather here in Canada being cold water Great Lakes. I do most of my diving in the 150 to 200 feet range mostly being wrecks. I have great lighting for HD video but I need to be able to capture a wider spectrum of the wrecks without having to sacrifice light by distance, if that makes sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.