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In Topic: Sony A7S for 4K - what a disappointment

13 April 2014 - 12:18 AM



I think its not totally about  "Half done right".

When an OEM has professional models above the consumer level, they need to protect those pro models. 

Pro model is where the $$ killing is made...I mean the buyers get stabbed here....ha ha ha.


Sony is loosing money as an electronic company, but their insurance business is making good money.




Black Magic is a good example of a company which it probably has nothing to protect, it only has so few cameras and they try to make

the best for these models......at a reasonable cost. But R&D need money. Small company like BlackMagic can not order sensors by the 500K quantity, so they will progress slowly but I hope they will do well.


Its quite the same like Nvidia graphic cards, the crippled some functions of their new high end gaming cards in order to protect the crazy expensive Quadro line which is used mainly by professional graphic station.


Recently FLIR did the same thing :


They sell low cost US$1K unit by locking its capability, while the engine-internal is the same as a unit costing US$6K ....ha ha ha.

Just firmware lock....holy cow.


Its all about busines, how to rip off more $$.

If your girlfriend or wive on day request you to get her a Hermes as below :



You will know that no leather will cost that much.....he he he....its the perceived image you paid for.


Dive safe.........









In Topic: Hero3 Black. How do I take advantage of this high definition camera?

21 February 2014 - 09:52 PM




URPRO-SRP has filter for greenwater.



You can buy naked frame SRP filter adapter, to use that 55mm glass GR filter.



Do becareful when buying filter adapter for Hero 3 camera.

Hero3+ is a slim waterproof housing. It is 40 meter rated. It does not have LCD bacPac rear door, perhaps due to water proofing integrity, so you can not use LCD bacpac on this housing. GoPro do not make one. Planned to make one but it did not come to market.


When one buy the LCD BacPac today from GoPro, it is called Limited Edition. It comes with free HD3 Original 60 meter rated housing and all the bac pac doors. 

This means the filter adapter one need to use will be Hero 3 original housing one, and not the Hero3+ slim one.


The poly material of HD3+ Slim 40 meter housing is thinner than the Hero 3 Original 60 meter housing.

This Hero 3 Original housing is now named BacPac Compatible housing or some perhaps call it Hero 3 Dive Housing.



Hero 3 Original WB if using Auto, has more greenish/yellow tint than Hero 3+. That is the main difference.


Other difference :

In good light, Hero 3+ NARROW mode of 1080p is less noise than Hero 3 Original


Are you using AWB for above GoPro video or CamRaw ?







Helmstation is at 68 meter while bottom is 73 meter.


If you have time take a look to this tutorial. He tries to achieve the same Michael Bay look with different methods. Just check it from 19' onwards. Look how he change the yellow taxi color...



I never calibrated my Dell U2412M but I guess it was a lot cheaper than yours.




Yikes 68 meter....that I do not venture to.....he he he.

Thanks for the link David.


In Topic: CheungyDiver Broke His Leg

09 February 2014 - 05:11 AM

Hope David recover fast and 100% ....


David, stay tough yah.

In Topic: Hero3 Black. How do I take advantage of this high definition camera?

06 February 2014 - 04:05 AM

Hi Davide,


You are good, I am not over rating you....serious.

You are one of the guy I keep on list, for me to always watch your new videos.


I like the way you color things, very natural. Must lear from you.


I am a poor colorist, so me use simple ones from GoPro Studio....ha ha ha.

I am blind on Edius NLE, I only know Vegas Pro and no others....ha ha ha.


Ok got it, understood on why ur video a bit soft.

I use a Dell U2711 but my i1 Display Pro calibrator went bad recently and I can't calibrate the 27", which I usually use as reference display.

This U2711 has strong cyan....that is how I see it compared to my 2 other low cost non U model Dell.


I know what you mean, TV are too much fake.


How deep is the actual helmstation of the Tug Boat wreck ?




In Topic: Hero3 Black. How do I take advantage of this high definition camera?

06 February 2014 - 03:54 AM

Hi A.Y,


I would avoid Polar Pro blue-water ( cyan /red ) filter. Its too fake a red added.

Use URPRO by SRP if you want cyan filter. In decent viz water and ambient light, use cyan filter at 3 meters or deeper.

I still use my old glass type URPRO-SRP cyan filter from HD2 era, which SRP thin it down to remove black edges.

The plastic adapter SRP uses for HD3 or HD3+ ( Blurfix3 or just Blurfix3+ ) is 55mm threaded, so I can use plastic cyan filter or the glass one 55mm.


Sunny weather 21 meters deep with viz if 15 meters, the URPRO-SRP cyan filter will do well and you do not need to worry about loosing half stop, you won't see noise.


2.7K is native ( sort of ) to GoPro sensor and it has one of the best image for UW. You can later crop to get clean 1080p without the ugly edges a flat lens housing produces on very wide angle.


CamRaw you must use ( must choose Protune to get CamRaw ), as GoPro AWB shifts alot UW and transcoding to Cineform AVI or MOV is only worthwhile if Protune + CamRaw is used.


Dive safe and have fun yah....