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For Sale: GoPro Hero 2 with Backscatter housing, filter, & accessories

26 July 2013 - 09:19 AM

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For sale, one GoPro Hero 2 HD unit with everything pictured for $275:
Backscatter scuba housing (original retail was $119)
Red Filter for Backscatter housing (original retail was $39)
Extra GoPro battery (original retail was $19)
Standard GoPro waterproof housing
One extra waterproof housing back
Two extra skeleton (non-waterproof) housing backs
One curved adhesive mount
One flat adhesive mount
Mount connection (base)
Three way connection arm
Head/helmet mount
Vented helmet mount
Hero 2 owner's manual
Original Hero 2 owner's manual, boxes, three GoPro stickers
The Hero 2 kit was the "Outdoor" version that currently retails for $228 on Amazon

Everything is in great shape and fully functional. The Backscatter scuba housing and filter have only been used about 15 dives. They do a fantastic job of eliminating distortion and correcting for color in the ocean. All you need to do is drop in an SD memory card and you are ready to shoot HD footage above or below water. I'm selling this gear because I have a Hero 3 and don't need two units.

Price is $275 shipped in the continental USA using PayPal. PM me to arrange purchase. Sorry no international deals or other payment methods. Will ship to buyer within one business day of receiving payment. I have sold items on Wetpixel before with positive results, I have all positive sales feedback on ScubaBoard (ID guediver), and 100% feedback on eBay (ID edmccarty). Thanks!

17-40 vs 15mm on 5D MKIII for Galapagos: your input?

12 May 2013 - 09:52 AM

Looking for advice here. I've got a 5D MKIII with a Canon 17-40 f4L zoom in an Ikelite Housing with 8" dome port. I'm headed to the Galapagos Islands in a couple of months. I was pretty happy with the 17-40 when shooting in Bonaire last year, but since Galapagos is such a special destination, I am thinking hard about what to shoot.


Obviously, the advantage of the 17-40 for the Galapagos is that I can zoom, and the subjects that I want to shoot in Galapagos are big (whale sharks, schooling rays, hammerheads, etc). I am counting on the great low light resolution of the 5D MKIII to allow me to push the ISO up and not worry about the f4 and higher apertures. I know some people complain about vignetting and distortion with the 17-40 when it is as wide as possible, but that does not bother me. I kept it around 19mm max wide previously and was happy.


However, I've seen some nice shots with the 15mm lenses from both Sigma and Canon, and I'm looking for input from anyone that has compared them to the 17-40. I'm worried that if I switch to a 15mm that I may lose some shots when I can't get as close (where I would miss the 40mm end).


Or, I might track down a Canon 16-35 f2.8 version 1 if people point me strongly in that direction. The newer 16-35 v2 won't fit in an Ikelite housing/port due to its size.


Thanks in advance for any input, experiences, etc.