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#383355 Watch out for possible fraudsters....

Posted by janvkem on 20 April 2017 - 01:33 AM

What I always do as a buyer since I have been scammed once:


- Ask for name, address, email nr (when communicating over PM) and phone nr --> user does not want to share, don't pay

- Google all of the abovementioned items and check for anything suspicious --> if seller comes up on scam info sites --> don't pay

- Google the username --> if seller comes up on scam info sites --> don't pay

- ask the user about the information you found on Google. No good answer or a vague story --> don't pay

- Call the phone number that has been given to you or send a text --> not picking up? --> don't pay. Not recognizing you as the buyer? --> don't pay

- Check the payment details and see if they match the information given in the first step. Different name than what was given to you --> don't pay 


What I do as a seller:

- Wait for the money --> no money, no shipping

- Check that the money is in your account via the official methods, don't use links sent to you

#383137 Watch out for possible fraudsters....

Posted by janvkem on 14 April 2017 - 12:23 AM

I was in contact with likely the same hacked account (200 posts, member since 2004, selling lots of gear all at once). I asked the person for his address, email and phone number. The address could not be found on Google maps (it did not exist). His phone number showed up at 2 advertisements for bikes (scubagear does not fit a bike :)) and his email address gave me no hits at all which I found highly unlikely. The person asked me to transfer the money using moneygram as he had issues with paypal which already was suspicious to me and next to that I had to transfer to a different name than what that person was called in older posts. After another question from my side he urged me to transfer the money as there were more people interested in the gear. That really made me uncomfortable about this deal so I backed out and got no response to my PM telling him that I did not want to continue the sale. 


Today I got a PM from adamhanlon informing me about this compromise in the account. Great communication and very good that you inform the community via this post, thanks for that!